Chair Opening Remarks Bree McKenney
08:25 - 08:30Main Room
Patricia Betron
08:30 - 09:00Main Room
Fireside Chat: Diversity Mina Seetharaman
Dara Sanderson
09:00 - 09:30Main Room
Data Is Power: How to Harness ItGabrielle Solomon
09:30 - 10:00 Main Room
We now have access to more data than ever. But how can you make the most of it? This session will go over how you can tell which data is worth highlighting and which is just noise, how to use data to create compelling content, and how data can help you better understand your audience. We'll also go over how can you use data to boost your career.
Morning Break Day 110:00 - 10:20The Foyer
Fireside ChatDiane Yu
10:20 - 10:50Main Room
Human BingoDay 110:50 - 11:20Main Room
Networking Workshop
Panel Session: Women-Led Disruption: Redefining The Media SpaceLauren Stephenson
Amanda Fraga
Lina Cáceres
Bonnie Comley
Michelle Fine-Smith
11:20 - 12.05 Main Room
- Changing the state of media: driving change & transformation - Negotiation & objection handling when exploring new mediums - How to navigate a masculine management environment - Hiring practices
LunchDay 112:05 - 12:45The Foyer
Beyond Baseline: Making Diversity the Norm, Not the ExceptionLeta Shy
12:45 - 13:15Main Room
Many in the media have made impressive strides in creating content for a diverse audience, but we still have a long way to go to truly be representative. As publications work toward being more inclusive, how do we make sure that we’re actually talking to different communities, not just about them? In this session, SELF’s digital director Leta Shy will discuss ways those in the media can avoid tokenization and work toward making everyone feel welcome.
Fireside ChatJulie Smolyansky
13:15 - 13:45Main Room
Group Surgery: Listen & Lead Day 113:45 - 14:00Main Room
In this session, the 'patient' will share the biggest leadership, or management, related pain they are experiencing at work. 'Surgeons' will listen, diagnose the problem and treat the issue.
Panel Session: Normalising The Conversation: Mental Health, Wellness & Equal PayLauren Stephenson
Caitlin Harper
Andrea Breanna
Veronica Dagher
Alessandra Sutera
14:00 - 14:45Main Room
- How are you normalising & conducting these controversial conversations at work? How do you overcome obstacles (differing points of view, mindsets, etc.)? - How are you - & your organisation – working towards closing the gender pay gap? - What is your, and your employer’s, approach to mental health – do you have any tips to share/(successful) initiatives that have been implemented in your workplace? - In what ways can we make the media space more inclusive of those with disabilities?
BreakDay 114:45 - 15:00The Foyer
The New Old: No One Wants To Hire A Person Over 40Caroline Smigocki
15:00 - 15:30Main Room
When you hear about “ageism in the workplace”, you may have visions of a dinosaur employee that has been with the company for 25 years and still has “surfing the net” in their everyday lexicon. After being laid off due to a reduction in staff, Caroline Smigocki entered the job hunt not even considering she’d run into ageism. Heightening tech skills and showing enthusiasm were only so helpful. The stories of discrimination and implicit bias that she faced were shocking and disheartening. Listen to her journey and how she ultimately convinced them that age ain’t nothing but a number.
High-Impact Leadership Diane Dragan
15:30 - 16:00Main Room
How do you find your way forward in the new realities of today's media industry? Join Diane Dragan for practical approaches to sharpening your skills and cultivating an environment that's open, excellent, and focused, while driving results to generate revenue, realize efficiencies, and evolve the culture.
How We Redefined The Dictionary: Merriam-Webster’s Case Study In Digital TransformationLisa Schneider
16:00 - 16:30 Main Room
Over the past few years, Merriam-Webster has evolved from a dusty book on the shelf into a timely, relevant resource users turn to every day. They’re building new products, reaching new audiences, and picking up plenty of awards along the way. Hear how they did it, led by the first female head in the company’s nearly 200-year history.
Closing RemarksBree McKenney
16:30 - 16:35Main Room
Networking Drinks Day 1Foyer
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