Chair Opening Remarks 8.50 - 9.00Main Room
Embracing Transition Through Compelling, Entertaining, Relevant Editorial9.00 - 9.25Main Room
Editorial legend Anna Wintour has said that “change has to be what we breathe,” and successful content creators are ready at any moment to adapt and disrupt, ensuring they won't be left behind. Taking an insider’s look at both legacy and emerging brands rethinking their relevance, Architectural Digest’s Diane Dragan shares examples from her personal and professional experience across media and publishing platforms. There is no crystal ball for the industry. So if I could, I would go back and give my younger self the advice that just because opportunities don’t seem obvious doesn’t mean they will not exist.
Building An Inclusive Company Culture From The Ground Up9.25 - 9.50Main Room
Most people agree that a company's culture must grow and develop organically rather than be dictated, however we often look to the highest level of leadership to define and influence our company culture. While leadership buy-in is essential, the steward of any company culture needs to look to all levels for input and ideas, recognize and encourage budding leaders, and forge connections between individuals and teams across departments and pay grades. Building a company culture from the ground up creates an authentic, progressive, and inclusive culture in which everyone is a stakeholder.
Beyond Pink: It’s Time For Smart Content For Women9.50 - 10.15Main Room
Given the current climate and rise in women’s earning and spending power, it’s crucial that advertisers engage in intelligent, sophisticated storytelling for female audiences. I’ll discuss why it’s so important to elevate the conversation, best practices for making this type of content relevant and compelling, and how to reach and engage smart, professional women across platforms.
Roundtable Surgery - Mindful Morning & Intention Setting10.15 - 10.30Main Room
Connectworking activity.
Break10.30 - 11.00Foyer
Content is Queen: The Opportunities & Challenges of Distributed Storytelling 11.00 - 11.45Main Room
Elyssa Byck, VP, Business Strategy + Operations, Buzzfeed; Shreeya Sinha, National Operations Director, The New York Times; Shannon Toumey, VP, Branded Content & Marketing Strategy & Co-Head of Post Studios, New York Post; Allison Stern, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tubular Labs; Megan Decker, President, COO, G Media Studios.
ID Required: Gaining Access to the Leadership Club Level11.45 - 12.10Main Room
Difference is the loudest disruptor in today’s society and the ultimate driver of innovation. Yet when it comes to leadership, companies are molding individuals into sterile caricatures swapping out distinction for the familiar. In this environment, there is no shortage of resources telling you how to be everything, but yourself. ID Required cuts through the corporate identity crisis by teaching you how to be a more authentic leader. Attendees will walk away knowing their unique strengths formula, empowered to lead from their individuality.
Serving Two Masters: Staying User-First in an Ad-Supported Revenue Model12.10 - 12.35Main Room
From TV to digital publishing, content providers have long struggled with the balancing act of an ad-supported revenue model. Can you truly prioritize your audience interests without making uncomfortable compromises? Jackelyn Keller, VP, Revenue Strategy at Dotdash, shares how Dotdash has been successful in prioritizing their site audiences while also driving revenue and seeing ad performance surpass industry benchmarks.
Fighting Like A Girl12.35 - 1.05Main Room
DAZN is an over-the-top streaming platform that provides a new way of watching sport. By the fans, for the fans. Learn more about this fast paced tech-sport company and why you should be a part of it.
Lunch1.00 - 2.00Main Room
Greetings from Seret Studios. Catered lunch, courtesy of Big D's Grub Truck & performance from Chevy Chevis Entertainment.
Navigating Social In 2018 & Beyond2.00 - 2.25Main Room
How to create content for every social platform while balancing your owned and operated, and making the challenges of video distribution work in your favor.
Pause... For Creativity 2.25 - 2.50Main Room
This mini-session takes you through a short, simple meditation and sweet, meaningful discussion — fostering creativity in today’s modern age.
Shifting From Functional To Strategy + Operational Roles2.50 - 3.15Main Room
Roundtable Surgery - Leading Mindfully3.15 - 3.30Main Room
BREAK 3.30 - 4.00Main Room
Nibbles by True Aussie Beef & Lamb.
Normalizing the Conversation: Discussing Gender Pay Gap, Sexual Harassment & Diversity in the Industry4.00 - 4.45Main Room
Jessica Ling, Sr Director, Global Trade Marketing, Oath; Zuri Rice, SVP, Short Form Video, Viacom Digital Studios, Viacom
Asking For More Money 1014.45 - 5.10Main Room
Want more money? No one's just going to give it to you, especially if you're a woman: Women make 80% of what men do, women of color endure an even larger gender pay gap, and men are more likely than women to negotiate starting salaries as well as ask for a raise. It's time to put your hand up, advocate for yourself and earn more, from freelance rates to promotions and beyond. Jillian Anthony, the US editor of Culture Trip and a master negotiator, will clue you in to the basic money-making tips all women need to know to make sure they're getting what they deserve.
Closing Remarks5.35 - 5.40Main Room
Cocktail Hour5.40 - 7.30Main Room
Cocktails by Bibo Barmaid, plus performance by Chevy Chevis Entertainment.

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