Taylor Patchen

Taylor Patchen

Account Manager, Trigger Global

Taylor is an Account Manager at Trigger Global — a leading Mixed Reality creative platform for brands and agencies, joining the team only a week ago! Previously Taylor was Director, AR & VR Accounts, the main touchpoint for key accounts at Vertebrae Inc. an Augmented Reality agency.  

Her ability to help brands understand the creative possibilities of immersive advertising, paired with her ability to drive everything from creative ideation through to final execution, has been the driving force behind several major clients including Lionsgate, Dallas Mavericks, Saban Brands’ Power Rangers and Disney.

She’s able to distill the technical complexities of AR & VR, and contextualize cutting-edge creative ideas that provide engaging experiences for consumers while advocating brand messaging. For Lionsgate, Taylor played an integral role in ideating and implementing immersive campaigns from both creative and strategic aspects for the recent “Jigsaw” movie. By understanding the advertising ecosystem, Taylor was able to deliver superior engagement and conversion metrics through optimizing AR creative and putting direct publisher deals in place to reach target audiences.

Prior to joining Vertebrae, Taylor was an Inside Sales Marketing Associate at Crisp Mobile, working on enhancing shopper marketing strategies for brands and retailers, and Waterfall, one of the first decision-tree mobile messenger companies, both of which she played an integral role leading up to their acquisitions. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Information Technology from Florida State University. Taylor also co-founded a non-profit with Whoopi Goldberg, Whoopi’s Virtual Field Trip, which leverages VR in impactful ways, providing entertaining and educational content for ill and underprivileged children.