Rachel Rudwall

Rachel Rudwall

Host & Producer, Tastemade

If you want to know what it’s like to climb Kilimanjaro, paraglide with a hawk, ice climb while simultaneously shooting a PBS show, or SCUBA dive cage-free with bull sharks, Rachel‘s the woman to ask.

An EMMY-Nominated Producer, Camera Operator, Photographer, Writer, and On-Camera Host, Rachel has traveled all seven continents, lived in three countries and journeyed through 70 nations. Rachel loves dropping herself into faraway lands to relate their stories to outsiders. In fact, she does such a solid job of it that she has recently been named an Explorers Club “Fellow” alongside greats like Buzz Aldrin, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Elon Musk.

Rachel has had countless storytelling adventures, including writing articles and shooting photography for publications like AFAR and Forbes; producing, shooting, and hosting video content for outlets like Nat Geo, TIME, Travel Channel, and Tastemade; and brand influencing for companies like BMW, Chase Bank, and Marriott.

Rachel’s audience spans over 300k adventurous souls around the world, and her favorite destinations include Antarctica, the Himalayas, Japan, and anywhere she can use her fluent Spanish.