Wellness: Soak up the stillness (Pre-registration Needed)Day 108:00 - 08:30Studio
Pre-registration will open 2 weeks prior event.
Chair Opening Remarks Day 109:25 - 09:30The Auditorium
Work/ Life Balance - A Continuous QuestKate Haffenden
09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
Work/ Life balance- a phrase we hear all the time. Is it possible? What are the challenges? Do we ever "arrive" at a solution? The purpose of this discussion is to explore what personal/ professional balance looks like for women in 2020, some of the tools at our disposal, and how the search continues and evolves. An open conversation to share ideas and experiences as we navigate the workplace as women, whilst maintaining a sense of self and calm.
The “Heart” of Storytelling & Brand Engagement InnovationsStephanie LeBlond
10:00 - 10:30The Auditorium
Stephanie will share Honda’s approach to building unique, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the retail partners who represent the brand, products and services in the market place. The path to creating passionate ambassadors is deeply rooted in a vibrant corporate philosophy and desire to benefit society at large. This presentation will review key experiential marketing, interactive learning, leadership development activities and storytelling innovations developed with her team. Entrepreneurs and established business leaders alike will hear a refreshing “less is more” approach focused on a culture of authenticity.
Gaining Access To The Leadership Level By Creating An Inclusive Workplace CultureRoshanna Sabaratnam
10:30 - 11:00The Auditorium
Thinking through how we as women gain access to the leadership culture AS WELL AS and simultaneous with building a culture of inclusion. This starts by building each other up so that the men in our culture and the women that are in and come in after us see a culture where we all get better when we all get better.
Coffee BreakDay 111:00 - 11:20The Foyer
Panel: Being A Female LeaderAlyssa Zarouk
11:20 - 12:05The Auditorium
In this session, we will be exploring topics such as mansplaining; ways in which to empower your female staff; why 'leaning in' could be bad advice for female leaders; fitting into the 'big boys club'.
Connect: Human BingoDay 112:05 - 12:20The Auditorium
The New Now: Content, Creative Production & Cultural ConsumptionKyra Beckmann
12:20 - 12:50The Auditorium
The marketing content landscape is more exciting than ever before. Previously defined and differentiated industries are now harnessing unprecedented crossover. Simultaneously, our culture has become an endless battle for attention and consumption that can be perilous for traditional media systems. However, those focused on the iterative nature of innovation will find that, through creative production, there are an array of opportunities to be found. The future of marketing will utilize the equality and inclusivity inherent in modern platforms to manifest the new now omnipresent content environment.
Asking For More $$ 101Katherine Kowal
12:50 - 1:20The Auditorium
Yes, you deserve more. Join me as I share my personal experiences on what NOT to do!
Eat & GreetDay 11:20 - 2:05The Foyer
Building inclusive company cultureMeenakshi Nagarajan
2:05 - 2:35Main Room
Wellness: Soak in the StillnessDay 12:35 - 2:50Main Room
Quick 15mins wellness session to get you back in the zone.
Getting the next generation involvedMariana Rodriguez
2:50 - 3:20Main Room
Leg stretch & quick biteDay 13:20 - 3:35The Foyer
Panel: Normalizing The Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental HealthEvelyn Thompson
3:35 - 4:20Main Room
Workshop: Group SurgeryDay 14:20 - 4:35Main Room
A challenged-based activity where you help solve and diagnose issues that are causing you a lot of pain in your workplace.
Choosing Better Desires: Marketing Relationships Over Self-InterestAnastasia Anashkina
4:35 - 5:05The Auditorium
Closing RemarksDay 15:05 - 5:10The Auditorium
Networking DrinksDay 15:10 - 6:00The Foyer

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