Chair Opening Remarks Day 19:00 - 9:05Main Room
Diversity in leadership & the impact it has on emerging talentAdrian Warr
9:10 - 9:40Main Room
A look into how diversity at executive leadership level influences tomorrow's leaders, and why it's essential for companies to embrace. Why it's important for aspiring career women to surround themselves with not only a diverse support ecosystem, but also to have positive role models.
Purpose to Profit: The new business paradigmJoan Ng
9:40 - 10:10Main Room
We’re in the midst of a business revolution where there’s increasing demand from consumers, employees and investors for brands to stand for something more than just profit - and this demand is proven to translate into driving actual business results. But much of the time this shift doesn’t seem to align to the work we’re doing in digital. How can women in marketing bring purpose to life in their everyday work and be taken seriously. How can you be an intrapreneur who helps drives the conversation around purposeful profit?
Career Changes: Writing your own script Haymans Fung
10:10 - 10:40Main Room
Careers in digital are fluid and progression is often not linear. This session will share her professional journey and three key pivots she’s made from tech to marketing, marketing to digital and financial services to e-Commerce with some key challenges and lessons learnt along the way.
Coffee Break Day 110:40 - 11:00Main Room
Panel: Being A Female Leader In A Male-Dominated IndustryAnnika Payn
Wendy Yung
11:00 - 11:45Main Room
In this panel discussion, we will explore topics such as dealing with mansplaining, why 'leaning in' could be bad advice for female leaders, and useful tips on fitting into the 'big boys club'.
Wellness session: Yoga by BeWaterProfessor Junior
Arvy Chan
11:45 - 12:05Main Room
Gentle yoga is a great way to slow down, connect with your body, and calm your mind. This session is tailor-made for office workers which will be focusing on shoulders, lower back, hips and legs. You will move through a series of stretches, yoga poses and guided breathing to increase flexibility and mobility and release tensions on the body.
My Work-Life Balance Is Off - What Can I Do?Anita Chan
12:05 - 1:05Main Room
We all know that we should have a “work-life balance…” but what exactly does it mean? Is it actually achievable? Join Anita as she shares her top tips on how to get your life on balance.
LunchDay 11:05 - 1:55Main Room
Designing Your Career CampaignAdriana Lica
2:00 - 2:30Main Room
If you can design a brilliant marketing campaign, you can probably design a brilliant career campaign? And creating and fostering team loyalty? Doesn’t have to be so different from how you structure your loyalty strategy, either. Join Adriana for a 30 minute session to hear how you can apply marketing principles to design a career campaign to advance into leadership.
Choosing Better Desires: Marketing Relationships Over Self-InterestIngrid Chen
2:30 - 3:00Main Room
In this keynote, Ingrid will explore the importance of shifting mindsets based on self-interest to self-love in order to influence change from today’s norms of hyper-individualism to a more collectivist society.
Let them lead the way: Disruptively! Mum’s Leading ChangeKatherine MacKay
3:00 - 3:30Main Room
I would love to share with you my inclusive end-user disruptive approach to maximising a sustainable advantage for the oldest, most privileged, top university in the world.
Quick Coffee Break + Leg StretchDay 13:30 - 3:40Main Room
Normalising The Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Sexual HarassmentBabby Fung
3:40 - 4:25Main Room
This panel discussion will explore important topics such as diversity in workplace, inclusion, sexual harassment, and mental health.
How to lead when you just want to likedKarrie Lam
4:25 - 4:55Main Room
You only need one person to believe in you to succeed. And it’s a whole lot easier if that person is you. Having the confidence to back your idea is a challenge for all of us. But believing in your dream while flying solo requires an extra layer of leadership.
Chair Closing Remarks Day 14:55 - 5:00Main Room
Networking Drinks HourDay 15:00 - 6:00Main Room

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