Yoga30Arvy Chan
8:00 - 8:30Room Two
Gentle yoga is a great way to slow down, connect with your body, and calm your mind. This session is tailor-made for office workers which will be focusing on shoulders, lower back, hips and legs. You will move through a series of stretches, yoga poses and guided breathing to increase flexibility and mobility and release tensions on the body.
Chair Opening Remarks Day 18:55 - 9:00Main Room
The Power Of Feminity In LeadershipHaymans Fung
9:00 - 9:30Main Room
Weaponizing BiasAdrian Warr
9:30 - 10:00Main Room
We work in a female dominated industry that has more men in management positions, we have a gender equality problem. The causes are many and complex, and the discussions range from baffling to depressing. But what if one of our own professional skills could be our greatest weapon in addressing inequality? And what if one of the causes of the problem could become its solution? We know the psychology of behavior change, it’s part of what we do, so maybe we can turn unconscious bias into our weapon.
The Rise Of Women In Marketing - A Business Case For Women LeadershipKarrie Lam
10:00 - 10:30Main Room
In this session, Karrie Lam, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Solutions at the South China Morning Post, will share learnings from SCMP's editorial initiatives in the drive to better profile women as thought leaders and a plurality of voices. Karrie will also share case studies from her work on SCMP's Morning Studio branded content service, highlighting how leadership plays a role in encouraging diversity and unique perspectives to elevate the art of storytelling to help clients reach global audiences.
Coffee Break Day 110:30 - 10:55Main Room
Panel: Being A Female Leader In A Male-Dominated IndustryCecilia Chan
Wendy Yung
11:00 - 11:45Main Room
In this panel discussion, we will explore topics such as dealing with mansplaining, why 'leaning in' could be bad advice for female leaders, and useful tips on fitting into the 'big boys club'.
Human BingoDay 111:40 - 11:55Main Room
My Work-Life Balance Is Off - What Can I Do?Day 111:55 - 12:25Main Room
We all know that we should have a “work-life balance…” but what exactly does it mean? Is it actually achievable? Join us as she shares her top tips on how to get your life on balance.
Beyond Your PotentialAnita Chan
12:25 - 12:55Main Room
How to see the potential beyond yourself and your team.
Eat & GreetDay 112:55 - 1:40Main Room
Designing Your Career CampaignAdriana Lica
1:40 - 2:10Main Room
If you can design a brilliant marketing campaign, you can probably design a brilliant career campaign? And creating and fostering team loyalty? Doesn’t have to be so different from how you structure your loyalty strategy, either. Join Adriana for a 30 minute session to hear how you can apply marketing principles to design a career campaign to advance into leadership.
Wellness20Day 12:10 - 2:30Main Room
20mins wellness session to bring focus back to you.
Choosing Better Desires: Marketing Relationships Over Self-InterestIngrid Chen
2:30 - 2:50Main Room
In this keynote, Ingrid will explore the importance of shifting mindsets based on self-interest to self-love in order to influence change from today’s norms of hyper-individualism to a more collectivist society.
QUICK BITE & LEG STRETCHDay 12:50 - 3:00Main Room
Panel: Normalising The Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, Mental HealthDay 13:00 - 3:45Main Room
Group Surgery: Challenged-based ExerciseDay 13:45 - 4:05Main Room
Let them lead the way: Disruptively! Mum’s Leading ChangeKatherine MacKay
4:05 - 4:35Main Room
In this session, Katherine will share her inclusive end-user disruptive approach to maximising a sustainable advantage for the oldest, most privileged, top university in the world.
WorkshopDay 14:35 - 5:05Main Room
Closing RemarksDay 15:05 - 5:10Main Room
Networking Drinks HourDay 15:10 - 6:00Main Room

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