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TV Channels

The Strategy & Innovation Channel

Jeff Hui, Head of Growth, Audience Network, Facebook

Using Data & Analytics To Drive Growth

Sahana Jayaraman, EVP, Head of Brand Strategy, Hotwire

High Stakes Leadership In A Values Driven World

Jonathan Miranda, Emerging Strategy Principal, Salesforce

Technology Enlightens The World

Panel Session

Strategy & Innovation In The Age Of New Tech

The Programmatic & Publishing Channel

Otto Bell, CCO, Courageous, CNN

The Evolution of Storytelling

Panel Session

TV, Video & In-App Essentials

Fireside Chat

Monetising Your Content

Shannon Toumey, VP, Branded Content & Marketing Strategy, NY Post

Creative Strategy & Innovation, Post Studios

The Digital Strategy Channel

Marshall Butler, Head of Marketing, Wealth & Investment Management, Wells Fargo

Millennials, Money & The Active Pursuit Of Happiness

Panel Session

Recipe For Sustainable Online Growth

Jeff Hui, Head Of Growth, Publisher Solutions, Facebook

Using Data & Analytics To Drive Growth

Maura Tuohy, Global Director, Marketing, Mozilla

Curatorial Algorithms & Where To Find Them

The Growth Channel

Fireside Chat

In Conversation With Startups: Discussing Their Greatest Growth Hacks

Sam Sharma, Head of Growth & Corporate Finance, UberEats

Measuring The Aspects Of Sustainable Growth

Rachael Loui, Head of Business & Industrial Markets, Google

Hacking International Growth With Data Big & Small

Tony Cappaert, Co-Founder & COO, Contactually

How We Transitioned From SMB To Mid-Market Sales

The Empowerment & Culture Channel

Panel Session

The Future Of Media, Fresh Perspectives From Media Influencers On The Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Melanie Mahony, Senior Strategist, Virtue, VICE

Why Representation Matters & How To Do It Better

Caitlin Elizabeth Harper, Director, Operations & Company Culture, Insider

Building An Inclusive Company, Company Culture From The Ground Up

Head of Digital Enterprise, Woolworths

Is Having It All A Myth?

The Product Channel

Tenni Theurer, VP, Verizon Media

Transcending The Traditional Product Roadmap

Srishti Sofat, VP, Product Development, Oracle

Product Development With A Globally Distributed Talent Pool

John Kucera, VP, Product Management, Salesforce

How To Avoid Pissing Off Your Team

Panel Session:

Aligning Your Purpose With Your Product