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The Strategy & Innovation Channel

Azita Arvani, Head of Innovation, Nokia

Strategic Innovation: Stories & Practices From The Trenchies

Panel Session

Building Customer Centric Strategy & Innovation

Gadi Lahav, Head of Product, Financial Times

How A North Star Helps Develop Better Products

Jennifer Van Buskirk, SVP, Operations, AT&T

Creating & Sustaining A Culture Of Innovation

The Media & Digital Channel

Jon Bulette, Head of Video Development, Refiner29

Creating New Realities In Media

Panel Session

Trends Publishers Need To Get To Grips With

Julie Clark, Head of Programmatic, Spotify

True cross channel strategy - empowering strategic sales integration

Mina Seetharaman, Global MD, Marketing, The Economist

Not Everyone In Media Is A Man Or A Blonde

The Growth & Product Channel

Fireside Chat

In Conversation With Startups: Discussing Their Greatest Growth Hacks

Justus Brown, Chief Product Officer, Founders Factory

User-Led Product Innovation

Depak Tiwari, Head of Product Management, Lyft

Differentiating Through Data: Winning Through Innovation

Rachael Maltiel Swenson, Head of Growth Analytics, eBay

Attribution & Measurement Strategy