OPENING REMARKSDay 108:50 - 09:00Main Room
Introduction to Forum
Authentic Storytelling: Why Trust Is A Must Day 109:00 - 09:30Main Room
Why Virality Can't Be Your StrategyNoah Keil
09:30 - 10:00Main Room
Everyone remembers Oreo's social slam dunk (in the dark) and ever since then, content creators have tried to replicate those viral moments. The reality is that virality can't be a strategy. Hear from Noah Keil, SVP of Strategic Insights & Growth at Group Nine Media, on how to build an insights team in today's distributed media environment, why Group Nine focuses on raising the floor on content performance rather than chasing viral hits, and the need for subject matter and platform experts to succeed in today's mobile environment.
Video Conversion – The New Success MetricMike Rucker
10:00 - 10:30Main Room
Content marketers: What happens when you combine advanced e-commerce technology with the web’s most engaging story format and its most effective marketing strategy? As more and more advertisers are demonstrating, you get branded video content that engages and converts. Already, branded video drives significant increases in brand awareness. Now, tech innovations are enabling users to make purchases directly from the video player. Welcome to the age of Video Conversion. Are you ready?
Coffee BreakDay 110:30 - 10:50Foyer
Creating Video Content: A Matter Of Data & ArtDay 110:50 - 11:20Main Room
Networking WorkshopDay 111:20 - 11:45Main Room
Panel Session: The Future Of Video - Strategising For Digital SuccessDay 111:45 - 12:30Main Room
1) Trend Watch: What type(s) of video content are people going to be watching next? How and where are they going to be watching it? 2) Changing Channels: How do broadcasters, operators, brands, publishers, and technology platforms effectively work together to monetize content and grow revenue? 3) The Viewing Experience: How do you deliver a good user experience, how does cross-screen viewing fit into your video strategy & where are viewers watching your video content the most?
LUNCHDay 112:30 - 13:15Foyer
Making The Most Of Your IP: Breathing New Life Into Old Concepts With Social Media PlatformsDay 113:15 - 13:45Main Room
Fireside Chat: Monetising Your Content Justin Silberman
13:45 - 14:15Main Room
Digital video consumption is growing rapidly due to the rise in streaming platforms and devices, but for publishers, this growth has been clouded by a number of challenges such as brand safety concerns and privacy regulations. In this session, Dailymotion’s VP of Product, Justin Silberman, will share the top strategies publishers should follow to effectively monetize their video content while delivering a superior user experience.
Roundtable Surgery Day 114:15 - 14:45Main Room
Panel Session: Antisocial Social VideoNicole Dellert
Ami Angelowicz
Carl Mueller
14:45 - 15:30Main Room
1) How do you create ‘social’ video which ‘disrupts’ feeds & treats sensitive subject matter with the respect it requires? 2) Long term issues in short form: Tackling topical & contentious issues in a matter of minutes, or seconds. 3) ‘Authentically curated content’: A contradiction in terms, or a welcome development? 4) Applying a ‘journalistic’ mindset to social video creation & dissemination.
Coffee BreakDay 115:30 - 15:50Foyer
The Perils Of Woke Washing Day 115:50 - 16:20Main Room
Creating Content: To Gen Z & BeyondDan Bradley
16:20 - 16:50Main Room
The rising generation is fluid, motivated, hopeful and discerning. Members of Gen Z sniff out BS as soon as it crosses their screens and they crave authenticity from brands and media entities alike. We'll discuss emerging trends across the Gen Z audience and how they impact video creation.
Closing Remarks Day 116:50 - 17:00Main Room
Networking Drinks Day 117.00 - 18.00Foyer
Drink & network responsibly!

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