Opening Introduction by Crazy Might WorkPaul Hawkins
08:40 - 09:00South Pier
Virtual Reality & Social PresenceJason Juma-Ross
09:00 - 09:30South Pier
There is a lot of excitement about VR and AR right now but one of the more interesting areas is in how immersive media helps evolve the way people communicate. We believe these tools have the potential to shorten distance for people – physical, emotional, political, or social - and bring the world closer together. How should strategists be thinking about these technologies and how they will evolve?
Disruption Through ConvergenceChristopher Walters
09:30 - 10:00South Pier
In this session, Chris will explore topics such as how market and technology convergence is disrupting telcos locally and globally; the opportunities and threats of today; who’s winning and who’s not; simplicity is the new black; and finally, a future outlook.
Successful TransformationDavid Lesmond
10:00 - 10:30South Pier
We live in times of great change. Demand from customers for better, cheaper and faster products and services is ever increasing - and competition in many markets is fierce and coming from new and sometimes unfamiliar competitors. Therefore, being able to successfully and continually transform your business to meet these challenges is crucial. In my presentation, I will share my key ingredients in setting up and running a transformation platform- and some approaches I would avoid at all costs.
Roundtable Surgery - Challenged Based DiscussionDay 110:30 - 10:45South Pier
In this session, Paul from Crazy Might Work lead attendees to share their most challenging strategic change made as an organisation in the last 12 months, and lesson learnt.
Coffee BreakDay 110:45 - 11:15South Pier
Building Strategy To Stay ahead of changing consumer preferencesDavid Krawitz
11:15 - 11:45South Pier
Panel session - Strategies On Driving & Maintaining An Innovative CultureDay 111:45 - 12:30South Pier
Purposeful InnovationDay 112:30 - 13:00South Pier
LunchDay 113:00 - 14:00SoHo
Customer CentricityDavid Meier
14:00 - 14:30South Pier
Domain's approach to segmenting, then empathising with our customers to deliver world-class product design solutions that help guide them through the stressful property journey.
Innovation From Inside Out - Using Small Steps To Gain Momentum & Shift MindsetJodie Granger
14:30 - 15:00South Pier
Imagine being able to efficiently move from strategy to initiative to delivery without all the obstacles common to large corporate enterprise. Strategic endeavour is often stifled by social and cultural issues, not least the competition over resources in a bid to maximise value. Reallocating resources away from the core in an environment increasingly expected to do more with less, challenges most businesses and is often why great ideas fail to come to fruition. A coherent narrative to align the organisation and demonstrate benefit, although important, will not in itself be sufficient. Innovation and design methodologies, often pioneered in digital teams, can be adopted in a wider context to help work through the strategic uncertainty and ambiguity constraining many organisations. Small steps to test and learn, creating space to navigate complexity from within can then be expanded for an accelerated way of working.
Candid 20 - Get feedback from our speakers on your biggest challengesDay 115:00 - 15:20South Pier
In this 20mins open conversation, attendees can reach out to each of the 4 speakers on stage about challenges they are facing at work, get advice on strategies, and get realtime feedback on operations.
Coffee BreakDay 115:20 - 15:45South Pier
Panel Session - Strategy & Innovation in the age of new technologyDay 115:45 - 16:30South Pier
Innovation at TransurbanJeff Sharp
16:30 - 17:00South Pier
At Transurban we operate roads to keep cities moving now and into the future. By working with our technology partners, we are able to innovate, leveraging advances in technology to design, deliver and operate roads that make it easier to get around. In everything we do, from IoT and data analytics to road safety technology, we are working to help get our customers where they want to go, as quickly and safely as possible.
Closing RemarksPaul Hawkins
17:00 - 17:20South Pier
Networking Drinks Day 117:20 - 18:30Soho
Opening Introduction by Crazy Might WorkPaul Hawkins
08:40 - 09:00South Pier
How TAL Uses Innovation To Drive Long Term Sustainable GrowthDan Canham
09:00 - 09:30South Pier
Innovation is achieved by providing something original that produces efficiency. For an innovative idea to be useful, it has to be replicable without being too expensive and it has to resolve a particular need. By developing original concepts, innovation gives companies an edge in penetrating markets faster. When a company has an innovative culture, growth is achievable, despite the fact that the creative process isn't always simple. TAL uses a customer centric approach to innovating and Dan will talk about harnessing your creative ability, setting up the right teams, solving the right problems and the importance of process and governance.
Driving An Innovation CultureStuart Ward
09:30 - 10:00South Pier
Recently voted the worlds most innovative company, Salesforce has developed culture of innovation that has scaled throughout its incredible growth. In this Session, Stuart Ward will explore strategies employed by Salesforce, its partners and customers.
Roundtable Surgery - Challenged Based DiscussionDay 210:30 - 10:45South Pier
In this session, Paul will lead a competition-based challenge where attendees share their thoughts on who they would choose as a mentor to guide them through the next 12 months, and why?
Coffee BreakDay 210:45 - 11:15South Pier
Panel Session - Internal Strategy Functions - How We Do ItDay 211:15 - 12:00South Pier
Corporate Disruption & Corporate Strategy: How Company Compete In The Digital EraCatherine Rex
12:00 - 12:30South Pier
Leveraging Technology To Create Made For Human ExperiencesKaren Ganschow
12:30 - 13:00South Pier
Customers are embracing digital engagement more and more. The Mobile App is the busiest branch. There is an imperative to provide a human feel to any interaction with the consumer and link to interacting with a human in the moments that matter. NAB is focusing on “Made for Human” in all the ways our customer connect to us. We are thinking towards digitally enabled bankers to support our bankers supporting our customers
LunchDay 213:00 - 14:00Soho
Innovate, Don't Complicate Andrew Tindal
14:00 - 14:30South Pier
In a world of rapid change innovation is more important than ever. “Better, faster cheaper” rolls off the tongue of many Executives with innovation seen as the clear means to get there. But beware. Innovation without a simple and clear road to execution is at great risk of being complication reworded. Join Andrew as he discusses how your organization can avoid chasing the next shiny object and use a simple approach to innovation that will be impactful AND implementable.
Digitising The Mortgage Process With E-SignTim Roberts
14:30 - 15:00South Pier
We started with a paper home loan process that was costly, inconvenient and contributed to missed settlements. A small multi-disciplinary team moved quickly to design, build and improve an electronic signature portal to achieve a secure, paperless solution. Westpac also worked with regulators and lawmakers to be the first Australian major bank to offer electronic signature of the mortgage document without a witness. The solution allows customers to securely authenticate into a virtual private cloud hosted application to sign, upload and download loan documents. The outcome was a great customer experience, significant cost savings, reduction in errors and increase in lender productivity.
Candid 20 - Get feedback from our speakers on your biggest challengesDay 215:00 - 15:20South Pier
A 20mins open conversation where attendees can direct questions such as challenges they are facing at work, get advice on strategies, and feedback on operations to our 4 top industry experts.
Coffee BreakDay 215:20 - 15:45South Pier
Panel Session - Open Innovation & Strategic PartnershipsDay 215:45 - 16:30South Pier
Closing RemarksPaul Hawkins
17:00 - 17:20

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