Post Studios’ Shannon Toumey On The 2018 World Forum Disrupt New York, Page Six & The Post

Known as a gathering of leading figures within a variety of industries, the Strategy & Innovation World Forum — also known as “the SIWF” or the World Forum Disrupt — will be taking place in New York City on February 21 and 22, 2018. Promising two days full of keynotes, panels, workshops and even an open bar, the SIWF will feature the contributions of executives from trend-setting companies like Uber, Viacom, Audible, Verizon, Smirnoff, Post Studios, and Associated Press. The event’s Early Bird Ticket not only includes the aforementioned programming, networking and drinking opportunities, but also breakfast, lunch, meal breaks and a goodie bag.

As the Vice President of Strategy and Co-Head of Post Studios, Shannon Toumey will be representing her company at the Strategy & Innovation World Forum. As the leader of ad sale marketing strategy and one of the people responsible for the execution of client solutions, Toumey works on projects related to the New York Post, Page Six and Prior to joining the Post organization in 2015, Toumey had worked at MTV Networks, specializing in creative development and digital partner marketing.

Miamii Mansour, the International Operations Manger for SI New York, connected me with Ms. Toumey via e-mail. In turn, we were able to do some Q&A over e-mail to talk more about the upcoming SIWF and what else is coming up for Post Studios. More on the SIWF can be found online at


How did you get involved with the World Forum Disrupt event?

Shannon Toumey: Miamii [Mansour] reached out to me on LinkedIn and invited me to participate in the World Forum Disrupt event.

What will you be doing as part of World Forum Disrupt?

Shannon Toumey: I’ll be one of the speakers at the Strategy & Innovation conference. I plan to share some of the custom Post Studios client solutions that I’m most proud of.

You handle creative strategy in-house at Post Studios for the New York Post, Page Six and Decider. What is a typical day like for you at the office?

Shannon Toumey: The content that I work on is different every day, and that’s really what makes my job so enjoyable. Our clients range from entertainment and luxury fashion to private aviation and real estate, so the programs that we develop for each brand really varies.

The mornings usually start out the same. As soon as I get in, I check campaign performance for each of our live branded content programs. I browse, and to see how our clients’ campaigns look. After that, I check in with my team on live and upcoming campaigns, meet with sales reps about new projects or product requests, lead brainstorms with our strategy, insights and creative teams for RFP responses or pro-active proposals, and join various client calls or meetings. I go on a lot of the sales calls, and I really enjoy being involved in pitching and explaining concepts, and getting our clients excited about our programs. Additional conversations include discussing potential opportunities with internal teams like Ad Ops, Video and Editorial.

When in your life did you first become aware of the Post?

Shannon Toumey: I remember seeing the Post on newsstands when I was little.

A common misconception is that the Post is just a newspaper, not a multi-platform media company. When did the digital shift start happening at the Post?

Shannon Toumey: Our CEO and Publisher, Jesse Angelo, adopted a digital-first strategy about four years ago, and since then we’ve grown from around 9MM monthly uniques to over 60MM! and were completely redesigned, and Post Studios was created to produce integrated custom client solutions., an entertainment site dedicated to streaming content, was launched in 2014 to round out our portfolio. In addition to print, we currently offer a wide range of digital, video, mobile, social, and experiential programs…and now, Page Six TV!

What is coming up for your company in the near-future? Any exciting new initiatives?

Shannon Toumey: Page Six TV just launched in September, and we’re all super-excited about branching into television. The show is modeled after our iconic gossip column and website, and the contributors deliver in-the-know news and gossip spanning entertainment, culture, media, finance, real estate and politics.

Jesse is also leading a new collaboration across all of News Corp called News IQ. For the first time ever, News Corp has pulled all of its first-party data, data science and premium media assets together into one unified audience platform. With 140MM U.S. uniques, we couldn’t be more excited to pair our exclusive first-party data with our guaranteed brand-safe environments to help advertisers drive results at scale and with precision.

Finally, Shannon, when not busy with the Post, how do you like to spend your free time?

Shannon Toumey: My husband and I try to get in as much adventure travel as possible. Lots of exploring, hiking and surfing near and far! We just adopted a rescue dog, so we’ve been having a lot of fun getting her settled in and comfortable in the city.

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