Chair Opening Remarks Day 108:50 - 09:00The Auditorium
The Disruptive Leader Marina Cvetkovic
09:00 - 09:30The Auditorium
Creating the leaders of tomorrow. What are the key characteristics of disruptive leaders and what main skills do they need to develop in their teams? How to shift from coping to thriving in disruptive times? What does it take to shift the mind-set from scarcity to abundance, problem solving to opportunity seeking? Psychological safety and personal resilience as primers for successful disruption and innovation.
The Brighter Side of Black MirrorTim Maleeny
09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
Is it possible to anticipate the unintended consequences of innovation? A century ago X-ray machines were installed in shoe stores all across America to help salesman size people’s feet, despite the risks of cancer. After the initial discovery of radioactive material, it was used to remove hair from women’s legs and make their skin glow. Time after time, well- intentioned category disruptions, driven by emerging technology, have taken a dystopian turn. The rise of social media over the past few years promised more human connection but gave us cyber-bullying, corporate surveillance and a growing feeling of loneliness. Smart speakers in our homes sometimes laugh maniacally in the middle of the night. The phones in our hands routinely come between us and the people sitting across the table, and the freedom of mobility has given our employers twenty-four hour access to our lives. There’s a reason that developers in Silicon Valley are limiting screen time for their own kids, but what is the alternative? If the only way to move things forward is through disruption and innovation, how can we find a smarter approach to strategy, creativity and a renewed focus on customer experience to save ourselves from our own good intentions? From social media rankings used as societal safeguards and bioengineered experiments such as the CRISPR twins in China, to the more innocuous consequences of online shopping, PowerPoint presentations and AI-powered home appliances, Tim Maleeny will discuss the history and future of innovation with an eye towards bringing humanity back into the equation. Observations about disruption, innovation, the future of marketing and human behavior will inform a broad overview of why things sometimes go horribly wrong and suggest how we can make sure future innovations make things better for everyone.
The New IP: Innovation Through Purpose Phil White
Heidi Schoeneck
10:00 - 10:30 The Auditorium
Coffee BreakDay 110:30 - 11:00The Foyer
Herding the Big CatsBob Kermanshahi
11:00 - 11:30The Auditorium
Managing Executives & Stakeholders During Projects
Roundtable Networking Session Day 111:30 - 11:45The Auditorium
In this session, the 'patient' will share he/her biggest pain experiencing at work. 'Table surgeons', aka the rest of the table, will diagnose the problem and treat the issue.
Panel Session - Innovating Brands in a Connected World Sasha Abraham
Marvena Edmond
Eden Gorcey
Yann Caloghiris
Soumya Donkada
11:45 - 12:30The Auditorium
4 professionals discuss the challenges and merits of branding, customer centricity and marketing.
LunchDay 112:30 - 13:30The Foyer
Innovating the AgencyMaud Meister
Kerri Lyon
Jon Penn
Marvena Edmond
13:30 - 14:00 The Auditorium
Building a Customer Centric Digital Strategy Cindy Chastain
14:00 - 14:30The Auditorium
Roundtable Networking SessionDay 114:30 - 14:45 The Auditorium
Panel Session - Strategy & Innovation in the Age of New TechMarvena Edmond
Radhika Mani
Jeetu Patel
Sean Gupta
14:45 - 15:30 The Auditorium
Coffee Break Day 115:30 - 15:45The Foyer
Mobile Vs Web - The Great Digital Experience DebateSean Ginevan
15:45 - 16:15 The Auditorium
It's clear that mobile is here to stay as the primary, or possibly only, platform to drive digital experiences to. But some shout "mobile apps are dead, the web is the future!" while others say apps are here to stay. This talk will talk about when the web, mobile apps, and a combination of both are best for your digital strategy.
Learning How To LeadZofia Ciechowska
16:15 - 16:45 The Auditorium
Balancing innovation and creativity with building out a global infrastructure and operations
Growing During Industry ChaosMaxine Litre
16:45 - 17:15The Auditorium
Amidst the turbulence of the digital media industry, how can fast-expanding teams stay focused but nimble? Group Nine Media was formed just two years ago when four disruptive digital-first media brands merged to form the first true digital media holding company. Companies must be able to dynamically adapt strategy while maintaining laser-focus on what ultimately matters -- consumer attention -- in order to grow in today's ever-changing media environment.
Closing RemarksDay 117:15 - 17:20The Foyer
Chairperson closes the event
Networking DrinksDay 117:20 -18:30The Foyer
Open Bar

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