Chair opening remarks Day 108:20 - 08:30The Auditorium
Fan-centric innovation in mediaElliott Linger08:30 - 09:00The Auditorium
Traditional media content providers and distributors are running out of gas. B2B distribution through pay TV is plateauing, with millennials unwilling or unable to pay for subscriptions and fierce competition from D2C players. At Turner International, we must reinvent ourselves, disrupt existing models, challenge the very same processes and ways of working that led us to gain the leading position we enjoy today. We believe that the best way to do so, is to put our fans first, work with them to identify their most pressing needs and address them with solutions that leverage our unique corporate assets.
Idea to Impact: Maximising the Value of Your Innovation PipelineLizi Jenkins09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
Innovation is one of those short words, loaded with meaning. It runs the full spectrum from incremental process improvement right through to the kind of breakthrough that can disrupt whole industries. It can signal growth, but it is as just as vital to drives down costs. It can be delegated to a team, or made everyone’s responsibility. In some places, there’s a Chief Innovation Officer. And in others the CEO claims the role. But there’s one consistent element of innovation on which most businesses – large and small - would agree, and that’s value. Innovation simply can’t exist if it doesn’t generate value. But that’s not to say capturing value from innovation is easy. Let alone maximising it. We are all about growing new energy businesses – for our portfolio companies and for ourselves. In short, maximising mutual value from innovation. In BP Ventures, we do this a few ways, which I will share in this talk, using some of our investments as examples.
Delivering a connected customer experience Nadav Perry10:00 - 10:30 The Auditorium
ROUNDTABLE SURGERYDay 110:30 - 10:45 The Auditorium
Coffee BreakDay 110:45 - 11:15THE FOYER
Creating opportunities to accelerate growthBen Hampson11:15 - 11:45The Auditorium
Panel Session: Disruptive vs Architectural Innovation: How are companies innovating?Day 111:45 - 12:30The Auditorium
THE DISRUPTIVE DECADEDay 112:30 - 1:00The Auditorium
LunchDay 11:00 - 2:00The FOYER
How Strategy Has Transformed A BusinessKatherine Manuel2:00 - 2:30The Auditorium
Disrupting an industry - strategies for changeDhiraj Mukherjee2:30 - 3:00The Auditorium
This panel will focus on the strategic benefits of working collaboratively with other organisations to accelerate internal innovation. Our panelists will examine the benefits or working with organisations who bring improved capabilities to the table, touching on case study examples from their own work.
Innovation and the Art of War Pierre Coppin3:00 - 3:30 The Auditorium
Coffee Break Day 13:30 - 4:00The Foyer
Workshop Networking SessionDay 14:00 - 4:15 The Auditorium
Panel Session - Translating Strategy into action: Discussing the obstacles and challengesDay 14:15 - 5:00The Auditorium
How to Implement an innovation culture in traditional industriesDay 15:00 - 5:30 The Auditorium
Open Bar Networking Drinks Day 15:30 - 7:00 The Foyer

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