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Open Innovation & Co-Innovating with Start-UpsSandeep Raithatha09:00 - 09:30The Auditorium
In an increasingly connected world innovation does not just happen in one location, so as a global organisation we have adopted an Open Innovation model and this is reflected with our Global Scouting team is based across Silicon Valley, Europe, Asia and the Middle East close to all the innovation action identifying new opportunities and trends. We operate a co-innovation programme in heart of Tech City in the UK called the BT Infinity Lab which runs regular competitions attracting start-ups interested in working together with BT; helping us to be at the forefront of new innovative technology and becoming a channel for start-ups to get to market at speed and scale
Innovating from the inside out and the outside inTim Sharpe09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
There are benefits and challenges of delivering innovation and Design when part of the internal team responsible for delivering a new offer all the way through to the end-user. Being an external consultant responsible for demonstrating the value of Design and/or innovation can bring to the business also has its pro’s & con’s. Drawn from experience across multiple industries from toothbrushes to trains, working in consultancies for over 18 years in the USA, Switzerland and the UK before joining Speedo as Head of Design and Innovation 3 years ago, this presentation will examine the importance of culture, perspective and collaboration in providing a different view to what the problem really is and what the solutions can be to solve them.
Disruption Opportunities in Investment Banking and Capital MarketsSohee Park10:00 - 10:30The Auditorium
VIDEO: A SPACE TO WATCHOlesya Moosman10:30 - 11:00The Auditorium
Video has changed our lives, disrupted media creation and consumption. The revolution it brought is bigger than you think and there is more to come.
Coffee BreakDay 111:00 - 11:30The Grand Foyer
Kick starting an intrapreneur programme and innovation cultureFrancine Stevens11:30 - 12:00The Auditorium
Finding the innovative change makers in a large global organisation can be a challenge. When you do find them, how do you then channel their positive energy and accelerate the programme adoption? For a number of years, Vodafone has been maturing an innovation program of Innovation Champions and Agents from around the world and across the business. With many lessons learned over this time, Francine (who leads the programme) will share some best practices on how to incubate, cultivate and elevate a team of intrapreneurs
From Chaos to Predictable OutcomesEmanuel Martonca12:00 - 12:30The Auditorium
Disruption has become a buzz word in nearly all industries for a reason. Big companies are facing a new - change or be changed - type of challenge, while startups are getting more visible and dynamic. Innovation is the key for both large organisations and startups, if they want to succeed in this environment. But innovating in uncertainty conditions is not for the weak-hearted. During this session, Manu will be talking about what it takes to get to predictable outcomes in tech innovation.
Google ZOO on hammers, nails and Innovation scaffoldingAndreas Roos12:30 - 13:00The Auditorium
Come along for an intro to the Google ZOO and how we think and partner around innovation projects. The main focus will be on how to deal with fast pace of change and how to move your business into an innovation scaffolding that flexes for the future.
Lunch BreakDay 113:00 - 14:00The Grand Foyer
Responsive Framework For The Threats of DisruptionLillian Bautista14:00 - 14:30The Auditorium
What does a 173-year-old publisher look like on Snapchat? Jamie Credland14:30 - 15:00The Auditorium
Creating a culture of product innovation within an established business How can you develop new digital products when your core business is older than the telegram? How can you ensure your strategy allows for experimentation without losing sight of your brand's original mission? And why do we still need publishers anyway? This presentation will explore these questions, and explain how The Economist has found a way to develop new products and work with new platforms, while still staying true to its guiding principles.
'Cricket Unleashed' A Strategy for growthAndy Folwell15:00 - 15:30The Auditorium
Coffee BreakDay 115:30 - 16:00The Grand Foyer
Panel - From Design to ExecutionDay 116:00 - 17:00The Auditorium
Changing the engine when the plane’s in the airAndy Morris17:00 - 17:30The Auditorium
Innovation almost by its nature disrupts but established companies have legacy business to protect. To stay relevant we always need to be building the next thing, to stay profitable we need to be delivering the current thing. How do you marry the two? The temptation always is to tinker, to slowly adapt rather than revolutionise but then the big opportunites are likely to be missed. The most successful companies are able to change to a new super-charged engine even when they are half way across the Atlantic and need to keep the plane in the air. Andy will use the example of the design and launch of YouGov Profiles to show how you can do this and how it is possible to disrupt an industry without disrupting yourselves.
Networking DrinksDay 117:30 - 19:00The Grand Foyer
Building Cultural Capital - the future of customer engagementSaul Betmead09:00 - 09:30The Auditorium
Insurtech and looming threat of disruptive innovation in InsuranceParul Kaul-Green09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
Disruption, a term that once meant unusual disturbance has now become ubiquitous jargon across all industries. Google Apple Facebook Amazon are expected to take over the world and It feels as though many industries today live in the fear of extinction. Insurance- a 300 year old industry, is not immune to this disruption. Artificial Intelligence, Social-Peer2Peer, Internet of thing, among others are forcing incumbents to think about evolving business models and put serious thought and investment in to “Next Generation” Insurance. The talk will discuss the anatomy of disruption and how industry is preparing for it
Why Everyone in Your Office Knows your PasswordSam Tatam10:00 - 10:30The Auditorium
How Seeing the Unseen in Human Behaviour will lead to the Greatest Innovations of our Age Who would have imagined that a baby's face could stop crime - or that small tiles on the supermarket floor could make you buy more? This talk explores the need for behavioural science to guide innovation and shows that the more we understand about neuroscience, evolutionary biology and social psychology the better equipped we are to design the un-intrusive innovations that will change our worlds - and close the security flaws.
A frugal innovation approach to strategy developmentKatherine Crisp10:30 - 11:00The Auditorium
Frugal innovation is a whole new mindset and approach to innovation, where organisations in emerging economies are teaching those in established economies how to problem solve and identify opportunities when resource is highly constrained. So what can we learn from this approach in relation to strategy development in the UK? What happens when you are running the show without any consultants to hand? What happens when you don’t have a team of people to help develop the new strategy? Where do you start? Who do you involve? Which tools do you use? What does the journey look like? And (from my perspective) what worked and what would I do differently?
Coffee BreakDay 211:00 - 11:30The Grand Foyer
Digital Disruption & transformationKevin Mansfield11:30 - 12:00The Auditorium
The content industry has changed dramatically over the last ten years, as the move to digital content consumption has increased. In order for traditional print businesses to survive and to grow, they need to digitally transform, this requires changes in company thinking, culture, working practises and customer approach. I’d like to share some of the work we have done over the last twelve months, that have enabled us to continue on the digital transformation journey, from getting closer to our customers and understanding behaviours, through to rapid design and outcome focused product development.
Setting Strategies For Uncertain TimesBertrand Hassani12:00 - 12:30The Auditorium
Innovation has become Conformity in disguiseShannon Riley12:30 - 13:00The Auditorium
Companies have killed the true meaning of innovation in an attempt to deliver it. With a long career helping companies embed ‘innovation’ into their culture, processes and business models, I have watched innovation’s underlying principles lost in a world of jargon, PR and scripted approaches and frameworks. How can we achieve originality when our approach to innovation has become so mainstream?
Lunch BreakDay 213:00 - 14:00The Grand Foyer
Panel Session - Building out customer centric strategy & innovation Day 214:00 - 15:00The Auditorium
Letting the story drive technologyJohn Vary15:00 - 15:30The Auditorium
Coffee BreakDay 215:30 - 16:00The Grand Foyer
From Personas to Persons - How natural interfaces will redefine social in 2017Tom Ollerton16:00 - 16:30The Auditorium
Tom's presentation will inspire and inform how voice, gesture and text based interfaces will change what we consider 'social media' to be and how brands need to get ready for social changing forever.
How to keep up with the pace of disruptionWill Harris16:30 - 17:00The Auditorium
THE REAL PATH TO INTERGRATED INNOVATIONGrace Letley17:00 - 17:30The Auditorium
Rewind five years and ‘innovation’ is the buzzword in marketing departments the world over. Almost every agency or brand is building a department or function within its business designed to make the process of innovation tangible and accountable. With mixed results, many of businesses and ad agencies are now dissolving these departments and instead attempting to integrate innovative thinking throughout a business. In truth, the real aim should be to examine the reasons for innovation and develop a focused, practical approach to it. In this session, Grace Letley will explain how businesses can take the desire to be innovative and turn it into something tangible that is clearly defined and can be truly understood. She will highlight the pitfalls of the widespread, aimless innovation that has littered the marketing industry in the past and highlight examples of best practice from across the marketing and media landscape.

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