Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell

VP, Innovation, Design & Sustainability - Converse, Nike

Sean McDowell is an award winning product designer and innovator, who solves complex problems with elegant solutions. He has over 50 patents for innovations across healthcare, transportation, sportswear and sustainability.

He is best known for his 22-year career at Nike. He became internationally known as a footwear designer before elevating to the Creative Director of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He helped reshape the largest business at Nike as the VP / Creative Director of Nike. And most recently, led a creative revolution at Converse as the Vice President of Design, Innovation and Sustainability.

Many describe McDowell as “someone equally skilled in business and design acumen”. He is known for helping companies challenge the status quo with deep consumer research, extensive prototyping and crafting exquisite, award winning and market relevant solutions.

He is currently the Principal of Fountain Design and Innovation Studio based in Boston. The company focuses on break through innovation, product design and sustainability. The studio identifies new market opportunities and helps corporations build a tangible roadmap to success.