Luke Baylis

CEO, SumoSalad

Luke Baylis’ passion for creating a healthy alternative to fast food was sparked during his time as an IT consultant in New York where super-sized portions and fried foods are the norm for many people.

This has created an obesity epidemic which has significant health and economic implications. Upon his return to Australia, Luke could see Australians were rapidly heading down the same path as the US and the idea for SumoSalad was born. Realising that ‘fast food’ didn’t have to mean sacrificing healthy eating for convenience, Luke and SumoSalad co-founder, James Miller, conceived of a fast food outlet that sold made-to-order salads that were nutritious, delicious, fast to prepare and offered value-for-money.

It seems that many Australians were ready for a healthy alternative that offered the convenience of traditional fast food. The first SumoSalad store opened in 2003 on Liverpool Street in Sydney’s CBD and was an instant hit. Customers were queuing out the door. This demand for fresh, healthy fast food saw SumoSalad undergo rapid expansion and stores can now be found in over 80 locations around Australia and in New Zealand, London, Dubai and Singapore.