Opening RemarksDay 108:50 - 09:00The Loft
Build A Programmatic Feedback Loop Into Your Ad Delivery SystemShuo Tian9:00 - 9:30Main Room
Over the years, we’ve built programmatic into almost every step of ad delivery, from targeting to real-time bidding, from dynamic floor price to pre-bid filtering. Usually, the whole programmatic cycle ends when the an ad is delivered successfully and all the data has been captured into the reporting system. However, reporting shouldn’t be the last step, instead, it should be the beginning of the next delivery. Come and see how we built a feedback loop from reporting data into ad delivery, optimize performance based on past data, and help publishers drive monetization by another 5% - 10%.
The New Programmatic RealityChip Schenck09:30 - 10:00Main Room
Digital spend is up 10% this year, but spending from traditional brands is down. Where is the new growth coming from? Disruptor brands who are challenging the old ways of doing everything, including advertising. In this session, Meredith Corp's SVP of Data and Programmatic Solutions Chip Schenck will share the trends shaping the industry, from the evolving role of PMPs and the battle between second- and first-price auction to the need for publishers to develop new performance-based products to win these new audiences -- or risk getting left behind.
Financial Times: Using Data Operations To Build A Data-Driven BusinessBarry Cassidy10:00 - 10:30Main Room
"In this presentation, Barry Cassidy, FT’s Head of Advertising Data Operations, will explain how the FT successfully reached these goals using technology to unify, manage and analyze multi-channel and programmatic data more efficiently - and the real-world impact DataOps had for FT AdOps, analysts, and other stakeholders. Attendees will learn how to eliminate costly manual processes, while accelerating the development of new ad products. Results at the FT include: 1) 3x increase in customer reporting frequency, and a 5x increase in granularity for the company’s award-winning CPH (Cost Per Hour) ad product. 2) 80% reduction in reporting time compared to manual reporting, with no additional staffing. 3) Real-time forecasting available to all yield, planning, and ops teams, eliminating a manual bottleneck of 4 person-days per forecast. In addition to an overview of how the FT successfully planned and implemented its Data Operations initiative, attendees will learn: 1) 3 most important questions to ask yourself before trying Data Operations. 2) How to determine what to build vs. buy for Data Operations. 3) Key ‘metrics that matter’ for any Data Operations program."
Networking - Roundtable SurgeryDay 110:30 - 10:45Main Room
A quick networking exercise around the table, where an attendee, a.k.a. the patient, share their biggest pain faced at work & other attendees round the table, a.k.a. table surgeons, help find the remedy.
BreakDay 110:45 - 11:15Mezzanine
Panel Session - The Future Of Programmatic: Key Trends & Best PracticesDay 111:15 - 12:00Main Room
People-Powered Programmatic: It's Still All About RelationshipsChristine Cook12:00 - 12:30Main Room
Despite advances in technology over the past decade, advertising at its core is still all about building and growing relationships. That is the mindset Turner adopted to bring a more sophisticated, consultative approach to how the company works with agencies and advertisers. Programmatic became a catalyst for bringing to life these relationships, rather than superseding them. Join a conversation with Christine Cook to hear about how client direct and private marketplace relationships are intrinsically more valuable to Turner, delivering programmatically more relevant advertising for consumers and insights-led creative marketing for partners.
Panel Session - Familiar Channel, New Strategy: Out-of-Home is Biddable & Data-DrivenCathy Muldowney12:30 - 01:00The Loft
With Erica Schmidt: The integration of mobile data and digital technologies into OOH is transforming the super-sized medium into one of the industry’s most surprising and exciting channels. Advertisers and agents can now purchase digital OOH through a cross-channel, demand-side platform that has been integrated into the omnichannel programmatic media mix. What’s more, by coupling the programmatic OOH offering with new OOH digital audience targeting and measurement solutions, advertisers can turbocharge the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. Hear from a panel of ad tech and industry experts who are activating OOH through these cross-channel platforms, and demonstrating results for brands.
LunchDay 101:00 - 02:00Mezzanine
Relevance As A Growth DriverTom Shields02:00 - 02:30Main Room
With technology innovation disrupting the way people consume media, the future of advertising lies in relevant and personalized experiences. This talk will explore the nexus of data, technology, and content as drivers of consumer attention.
Live Streaming In A Programmatic WorldTravis Howe02:30 - 03:00Main Room
In this presentation, Travis will discuss the nuances of live streaming content and how it impacts programmatic, how you buy it and what needs to change to buy live streaming content programmatically. Certainly, this is a major topic for all sports content.
Networking - Roundtable SurgeryDay 103:00 - 03:15The Loft
Same exercise as above, however, another attendee is the patient.
Coffee BreakDay 103:15 - 03:45Mezzanine
Panel Session - How to combine your online and offline advertising to better reach your customers at every step of their journeyDay 103:45 - 04:30Main Room
Programmatic In Television – Challenges & OpportunitiesDaniel Callahan04:30 - 05:00Main Room
In this fireside chat we will look at how SSPs, DSPs and brands are taking programmatic to the next level. Programmatic is no longer a DR play and is no longer exclusive to display and pre roll video on Desktop and Mobile inventory. We will look at what FOX has done to leverage automation and programmatic demand sources across linear television, long form on demand video and live streaming sports.
RTP/Auction or Integrating Programmatic into salesSamantha Krasner05:00 - 05:30Main Room
Closing RemarksDay 105:30 - 05:35Main Room
Networking DrinksDay 105:35 - 07:00

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