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This week, we are putting the spotlight on amazing Bridget Davies, Vice President of Advertising, North America at ebay. Want to find out what Bridget is like during and off-work hours… Read on!

  1. What did you want to become when you were 10 years old and why?
    I wasn’t really clear what profession I wanted….but pictured myself in a professional job living in NYC. I was pretty influenced by 80s movies with women working in creative office environments dressing fabulously & living the city life!
  2. How long have you worked in programmatic advertising?
    I’ve worked in programmatic advertising since 2011. I’ve worked in digital advertising for nearly 20 years…..in prior roles I was in digital ad sales, business development, paid search, seo and PLA (product listing advertising). I love data driven advertising in all forms.
  3. What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?
    Make an espresso!
  4. What’s your ice breaker at the office kitchen?
    What are you working on? Have any trips planned? (I love to hear people talk about the projects they are working on….and I love to travel and be inspired by the places people go explore in the world.)
  5. What is the future of programmatic for your industry?
    I believe all advertising will eventually be executed programmatically – and that brings the power of data to all forms of advertising enabling us to deliver more relevant advertising for consumers.
  6. What is programmatic’s next challenge?
    I prefer to call it programmatic’s next opportunity ˜º Very near term, there’s plumbing to be done to enable all assets to be transacted programmatically including native. This is especially exciting in eBay’s environment where we are lighting up new ways for brands to integrate within and sponsor the shopper journey. Further out, I see super interesting opportunities on the horizon as we innovate new ways for consumers to shop in an AI, AR/VR world and will look forward to figuring out how we knit data driven advertising into those experiences.

You can join Bridget at her Transforming The Advertising Landscape With Parallel Bidding presentation at 4pm – 4.30pm at Programmatic World Forum on January 25. In this session, she will share how eBay has been able to create a valuable experience for both buyers and sellers, while driving performance for advertisers, through advancements in parallel bidding.  Learn how this innovative, unified auction exchange leverages server-to-server programmatic pipes to improve advertising yield, reduce latency, and enable data-driven control of advertising costs.

As the Vice President of Advertising for eBay America, Bridget leads a portfolio of cross-channel digital advertising products on and off the eBay platform including desktop, video, mobile, programmatic display and text.

An e-commerce and Internet marketing veteran, Bridget began her career with eBay in 2005, following the Shopping.com IPO and acquisition by eBay. During her eBay tenure, Bridget has held multiple leadership roles including GM of eBay’s Audience Platform, where her leadership helped double business results, GM of the eBay Commerce Network, where she led global operations and Managing Director for Global Internet Marketing of Shopping.com where she centralized and scaled the company’s large Internet marketing operations. Additionally, her responsibilities have included leadership of Merchant Services, Display Advertising, and the company’s Distributed Commerce Publisher Network.

Bridget’s continuous focus on integrating business and technology to solve for customers has led to a strong track record of consistent results for eBay Advertising.

Bridget holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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