Chair Opening Remarks Day 108:50 - 09:00Studio One
FBI negotiation techniques for product managers
09:00 - 09:30Studio One
As a product manager, you spend a third of your time or more negotiating; you negotiate with everyone from the executive team, business stakeholders, and other PMs to engineers, designers and even your customers. Your ability to drive your product vision forwards and your product’s overall success and scale largely depend on how good you are in these negotiations. In this talk, you will learn the skills to make you radically more effective at negotiating and enable you reach the outcomes you want, without losing sleep and pissing people off.
Corporate Innovation: Tips Tricks & Lessons Learned
09:30 - 10:00Studio One
Corporate and start-up product innovation are not the same thing. Each come with their own strengths and weaknesses... so they ultimately need to build systems that battle their specific demons. Corporates are hard pressed to find success in launching a startup within their existing structure. And while decades of knowledge should breed curiosity and lead to insightful innovation... why is it so often not the case? This talk focuses on 3 very important areas that corporates should consider in building a product and launching it to market with the highest chance of success: the role that people, processes and brand play from ideation through to launch. Key challenges and tips in each of these 3 areas will be reviewed, based on experience in launching 3 startups to market and working with legacy corporates with a combined <300 years of experience.
Creating healthy tension as a driver of innovation
10:00 - 10:30Studio One
As UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, one of our ongoing challenges is balancing often conflicting needs of our customers (car retailers) and consumers (users on site). This healthy tension flows into our Product world and translates into one of our Product principles defining how we work. Karolina’s presentation will give you insight into how creating this healthy tension within product teams can lead to building better products for our customers.
Grab a CoffeeDay 110:30 - 10:50Studio Two
Panel Discussion: Roadmapping: The Keys to SuccessDay 110:50 - 11:35Studio One
Discussing the differences between 'good' and 'bad' roadmaps for product leaders. Addressing the right problems, driving company strategy and having team ownership. What are the keys to success during this process?
Product development in the age of data
11:35 - 12:05Studio One
Human BingoDay 112:05 - 12:20Studio One
Using Customer Feedback at ScaleDay 112:20 - 12:50Studio One
80% of companies believe they have a superior Product or Service, only 8% of those companies users agree. HelloFresh has emerged as a global leader of online grocery delivery and is well known as having the best customer satisfaction and retention in the meal-kit space. We interview HelloFresh's Head of Product to find out more about their use of customer feedback to drive Product development, lessons learnt in data-driven decision making and the role AI plays in customer-centricity.
Eat & GreetDay 112:50 - 1:30Studio Two
Centralized Product Teams – How To Transform Your Team From Order Takers To Thought LeadersDay 11:30 - 2:00Studio One
The ebbs and flows of most corporations, usually call for cycles of centralization and decentralization. Centralized product teams usually get a bad reputation for trying too hard to please all stakeholders resulting in a disparate set of features; but it doesn’t have to be that way. I will share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned while leading (and working) in centralized product groups and managed to be successful at pushing a cohesive product vision forward.
Partnership in Product Development: Navigating An Agency RelationshipDay 12:00 - 2:30Studio One
How Marvel solved for common challenges that arise when working with an agency to launch a new product.
Group Surgery: Discussing Your Biggest Challenges Day 12:30 - 2:50Studio One
In this session, a chosen 'patient' will share the problem that is causing the most pain at work, and 'surgeons' (a.k.a. everyone else) will help diagnose the pain, and provide remedy.
The Importance Of Customer CentricityDay 12:50 - 3:20Studio One
Why you should center your product decision-making on the end customer, both for features benefiting users and for features benefiting the business.
Quick Snack + Leg StretchDay 13:20 - 3:30Studio Two
Panel Discussion: Product Development In The Age Of DataDay 13:30 - 4:15Studio One
Many companies aim for a customer centric focus when developing products, how will the introduction of AI affect this, will we become too detached? What are the key challenges and lessons learnt when leveraging new technology? How can companies leverage technology to better understand their consumers? These are some of the questions tackled during the session.
Designing Experiences In The Smart Home EnvironmentDay 14:15 - 4:45Studio One
Smart Home devices adoption is happening at an extremely fast pace – the growth that mobile apps saw with the introduction of iPhone is being replicated for the smart home environment with the adoption of Alexa and Google Home. How do you design customer centric experiences, what adoption barriers are there and what are some good models to use is the central theme of the session.
Closing RemarksDay 14:45 - 4:50Studio One
Open Bar Networking Hour Day 14:50 - 6:00Studio Two

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