John Gutch

John Gutch

Head of Product, Vodafone

John Gutch is an experienced Head of Product at Vodafone, relentlessly focused on developing products and experiences that let customers stay connected to the things they love both in and outside the home.

He spent the last five years of his career at Hive. John was responsible for managing the whole lifecycle of Hive Connected Home products: from ideation stage (scoping products and features and understanding customers’ needs) right through to launching product in customer homes. John started his career as an Apprentice Heating Engineer for British Gas, moving through a variety of field-based management roles. John was key to the development and launch of Hive Active Heating Thermostat in the UK and North America, of which John is a named inventor holding two patents on two critical thermostat features.

Outside of work John enjoys family life with his wife and two children who are heavily into sports. John spends most weekends torn between football pitch’s and gymnastics centres.

His email is [email protected]