Nick Coster

Nick Coster

Co-Founder, Brainmates

Nick Coster is a Co-founder of Brainmates. Established in 2004 Brainmates strives to Advance Product Management in Australia and across the globe. 

As Head of Training Nick has provided Product Management training to 1000’s or Product Professionals, delivering a large number of public courses and private training for an ever increasing domestic and International client base. His ability to quickly and simply explain complex problems and concepts makes him an in demand facilitator and consultant.

With over 20 years as a Product Management practitioner and 10 years as a Product Management trainer and coach he has developed deep knowledge and experience in every facet of the role.

For Nick, Product Management is the engine room of innovation, where a curiosity for technology, human behaviour, economics, past and future trends all comes together into one job – to create products that change people’s lives.