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Uniting Europe's startups & SMEs. Coming soon...

What happens at MogulCon:

Europe's fastest growing startups & SMEs give 30-minute keynotes on actionable tactics for growing your business. You’ll learn how they got started, how they grew, and what they learned along the way!

Is MogulCon right for me?

Running a business?

Want to help grow your department?

Interested in startup strategy? 

Each speaker provides insight into the reason pivotal in growing their business! 

Come and learn from some of the worlds best founders. 


London - 2016

Who's taking the stage?

Jess Butcher

Jess Butcher


    Luca Marini

    Luca Marini

    Co-Founder & COO, Finery

      Peter Briffet

      Peter Briffet

      COO, YPlan

        Daniela Cecilio

        Daniela Cecilio

        Founder & CEO, ASAP54

          Jordan Fantaay

          Jordan Fantaay

          Founder & CEO, Fantoo

            Leo Castellanos

            Leo Castellanos

            Investment Director

              Tushar Agarwal

              Tushar Agarwal

              Co-Founder & CEO

                Sjors Bos

                Sjors Bos

                MD, I Heart Studios


                  WHY ATTEND

                  MogulCon!? What's it all about...

                  The focus of MogulCon is simple!

                  We gather Europe’s most exciting startup & SME Founders & CEOs in a theatre.

                  They take a deep look into the areas pivotal in their success.

                  You walk away with actionable tactics and strategies to help your business flourish.

                  MogulCon was created by a small group of entrepreneurs who wanted a platform to pick the brains behind the fastest growing start-ups.

                  The event has now grown into one of the world’s most exciting entrepreneur forums.

                  Come and join us!

                  WHAT YOU'LL LEARN:

                  Growth Hacking

                  Expanding Internationally

                  How To Go Viral

                  The Loveable Brand

                   The CEO’s Best Tips

                  Sales Hacking

                  Innovative Strategy

                  Scaling Your Business

                  & many many more

                  HELP US MAKE IT POSSIBLE IN 2016

                  Partnership Opportunities

                  Partnership opportunities for MogulCon are now available. Fancy presenting, running a workshop, exhibiting or anything in between? Get in touch today.

                  Contact one of our partnership executives now.

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                  Where & When

                  The 2nd & 3rd of November 2016 see's MogulCon arrive in London!

                  WHAT'S INCLUDED:

                  All Keynotes

                  Two Days Of Presentations

                  All Panel Sessions

                  PLUS THIS...

                  Access To Video’s & Slides Post Forum

                  Attendee List

                  Goody Bag