Top 5 Green Business Ideas for Aspiring Eco-entrepreneurs

Posted in Consumer GoodsServicesTech & Internet By Erich Lawson On June 25, 2016

Green businesses are gaining popularity as more opportunities arise for eco-entrepreneurs to invest in. This business is mainly driven by the demand of consumers who are interested in purchasing goods and services that incorporate eco-friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, most of the services and products being offered today have been greened. Thus, if you are looking to start a business that is geared towards saving water, energy and other resources, you simply cannot run short of sustainable ideas.

There are numerous green business options that you can venture into on a part-time basis and with a small investment. Whether you are interested in a part-time or a full-time green business, here are top 5 ideas that eco-entrepreneurs can invest in and join the green business revolution:

1. Green App Development

If your preference is working in the technology world, you can still make a contribution to the green revolution through the development of apps that promote a green living ideology through proper waste management and recycling. Generally, apps that offer information on what to buy and how to recycle waste are quite popular.

Green app development is quite promising in terms of income generation as its potential is not about to exhaust in the near future. Besides, existing businesses can also consider developing apps that are branded, as there is room for winning more customers for your products and services as well as cementing their loyalty.

2. Waste Management/Recycling Business

Recycling is a great step towards ensuring that toxic waste does not end up in the landfills. An electronics recycling business is a great area as old computers, mobile phones, fax machines as well as outdated television sets can be used to produce items that can be used elsewhere. You can also consider offering a pickup service for such electronics and deliver them to recyclers at a fee even though you may not offer actual recycling services.

3. Manufacturing of Green Products

This is another leading business idea that has continued to top the list of green business ideas. You may want to consider manufacturing vegan, organic or herbal soaps, lotions, shampoos as well as other cosmetics whose demand has continued to grow. One of the reasons why these products are preferred is because they have few or no side effects as opposed to chemical-based personal care products. Thus, you can manufacture different kinds of safe and natural personal care products and then market and sell them locally.

4. Green Consulting

Setting up a green consultancy is another good green business idea. This is because more and more businesses as well as individuals are looking to go green even though they do not have adequate knowledge on where to begin. Thus, as a consultant you can develop a concrete action plan for them after looking at their environment and making an analysis of the environmental weaknesses and strengths.

Homes and businesses that are consuming more energy than they need for cooling or heating can benefit from green advice. In addition to consulting, you can also consider adding a green event management service where you will see to it that every area of the event is executed in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

5. Energy Efficiency Auditor

Being able to determine the amount of energy you use at home and sticking to it is a great step in ensuring energy efficiency. Unfortunately, not so many people understand the value of this. This is why you will do really well if you set up an auditing agency that oversees that business owners are determining how much insulation they need, know when the bulbs are due for a change as well as the kind of programmable thermostats they need.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to green business ideas so you need to identify the area that you are passionate about. Also make sure that you are well skilled in your chosen area before setting up your recycling business if you want to make the difference you desire.

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