Enviromate – Putting Reuse at the Heart of Construction

Posted in Real Estate & Construction By Robert On February 11, 2015

Enviromate is designed with one core goal; to encourage and promote sustainable construction through the reuse of surplus building materials at all levels within the industry, diverting reusable material from landfill – Increasing the product lifecycle, reducing the extraction of vital raw materials, enabling the transition to a circular economy and most importantly saving the Environment.

Enviromate was the idea of two young UK Entrepreneurs, who are strong believers of the Circular Economy and increasing the product lifecycle in the form, in which it was originally intended for. So why the construction industry? The construction and demolition industry is the largest contributor to waste in the UK – the construction industry uses approximately 420 million tonnes of materials and products per annum and generates 120 million tonnes of waste. It is estimated that 13% of construction products that arrive on a building site end in a skip as waste product without ever being used, with a market value of approximately £1.5 billion each year.

Circular Economy for Circular Construction

Enviromate enables this waste/surplus to be diverted away from recycling where possible and more importantly landfill – allowing the material to be reused in its current form. To do this we have created a hub for the whole industry allowing local tradesmen and DIY enthusiast – a Free to use classified area to list, trade and search leftover, reusable materials to one and other – whilst an area where larger developers can donate larger amounts from projects to charities or community projects listed on our site seeking materials this also having the advantage for larger developers to leverage that donation into their marketing, to match their mission statement and also have an beneficial impact on their CSR programmes. Given time with increased usage and data Enviromate will be able to provide tangible evidence and data to the benefits of Reuse on the environment and its natural recourses in each country it is adopted in – whilst growing to becoming an educator for future generations and future of sustainable construction focused a core element of the waste hierarchy. In its current form Enviromate offers a reuse hub for the construction industry – The classified area`for local tradesmen enables reuse of leftover materials from user to user – this core area requires little if no intervention from Enviromate and enables users to transfer surplus to one and other. With regard to larger donations from developers – to projects, logistically currently either contact direct to the Enviromate team or by us matches the excess from developer to a project listed on our site – We then discuss with donator as to the best way logistically to transfer surplus either by their means or arranged and funded for by Enviromate – this donation is then leveraged into both groups marketing and CSR programmes.

Educating for a Sustainable future

The near future consists of Enviromate centres, in which if a donation delivery cannot be matched to a project or delivery methods unsuitable – it will be catalogued and then matched to projects that are continuously listed in the UK and abroad or to charities seeking materials… The creation of Enviromate Eco Schools, in which our team will be focussing on educating children as to the benefits of reuse / will enable any unmatched surplus to be utilised here.

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