Opening RemarksDay 108:50 - 09:00Main Room
Chairperson welcomes everyone and introduces the event
How to Apply Behavioral Science Techniques to Increase E-Commerce ConversionKenneth Kinney
09:00 - 09:30Main Room
When customers make a choice, more often than you know, their actions are driven by the subconscious. But learning tap into these hard-wired behaviors can be challenging for marketers....until now. Learn the core neuroscience principles that will drive better conversions and understand how to craft better content that helps you understand why and how your customers buy. Learn how to... Apply behavioral science for data-driven decision making Create more compelling content that drives action Apply 12 brain science-based strategies for better marketing results
Data & Email Marketing to Drive Online EngagementNaba Bannerjee
09:30 - 10:00Main Room
In this session, Naba will explore the optimal way to use your troves of data to your advantage. She will explore the latest email marketing strategies to use when looking to increase customer engagement and acquire new customers. As well as this, Naba will give an insight into how you can retain as many of these valuable new customers as possible.
How to Leverage E-Commerce Channels to Build New Brands OnlineCarolyn Brown
10:00 - 10:30 Main Room
Carolyn will explore how to optimize various eCommerce channels to maximize reach and trial for new brands, and how eCommerce KPIs can help optimize for bigger product launches
BreakDay 110:30 - 11:00Foyer
Driving Consumers down the eCommerce Purchase Funnel: How to gauge true ROI with Data-Driven Performance MarketingArti Sahgal
11:00 - 11:30 Main Room
Marketing leaders are being challenged more than ever to prove ROI and justify marketing investments, and Forrester Research recently claimed that companies obsessed with customer experience are more profitable and see higher growth. The industry standard methods and KPIs for measuring media performance aren't anymore the most effective ways to gauge success, particularly as there are more marketing channels and more ways to measure performance than ever before. With data-driven performance marketing more data becomes available, offering deeper analysis to determine which media is most valuable in boosting a brand's online / offline revenue and informing better business decisions. This session will discuss best practices on how to use data to better target / re-target, hyper-personalize and optimize your marketing investments across channels in order to enhance performance, while increasing value to your customers and driving them down the eCommerce purchase funnel to conversion.
Networking Session: Human BingoDay 111:30 - 11:50Main Room
PANEL SESSION - Innovating Brands in a Connected WorldAnkit Khemka
11:50 - 12:30Main Room
5 marketing professionals have a free form discussion including a Q+A segment. The focus here is on examining how to keep your brand relevant and engaging in an ever changing society, discussing marketing strategies for different demographics, social media, customer centricity etc.
LunchDay 112:30 - 13:30Foyer
13:30 - 14:00 Main Room
Conde Nast manages one of the most coveted global media portfolios where each of its brands sustains its own unique value proposition with consumers. Leveraging data & analytics plays a critical role in the ability to improve marketing content and product development, while significantly impacting the organization’s overall marketing strategy, that promises to keep user experience the focal point.
The Next Frontier of CommerceTony Parisi
14:00 - 14:30 Main Room
Commerce-focused marketers have started to invest heavily in AR platforms that will change the way customers shop and buy. In this futuristic presentation, Tony will explain how we will overcome the final barriers to this tech becoming mainstream. He will also share what we can expect in one, five, and ten years time, specific examples of brands that are investing smartly in getting ahead of this — and how to be among them.
Networking Session: Roundtable Surgery Day 114:30 - 14:50Main Room
Panel Session: Digital Marketing in the Age of New TechDay 114:50 - 15:30Main Room
5 marketing professionals have a free form discussion including a Q+A segment. The focus here is on the impact that technology/innovations such as AI, VR, AR etc are having on digital marketing and how they will continue to have an impact in the future. Other topics of discussion will include big data, online content and video strategy.
BreakDay 115:30 - 15:45 Foyer
Humanizing Data in the World of AIChristopher Clemente
15:45 - 16:15Main Room
In a time where data is in abundance and at our fingertips, Chris Clemente Director of Online Marketing, will talk at length about Medscape WebMDs process in personalizing their digital channels while investing more in analytic roles to make deeper connections between data and relevant content. Chris will explore how WebMDs model can help you to optimally make proper decisions in testing and measuring more meaningful campaigns for your targeted audiences.
Storytelling in MarketingAdeline Tan
16:15 - 16:45Main Room
In the modern world where a brand's digital presence must be ever present and memorable, is your story one that fits the new age paradigm? In this talk, Adeline will analyse some of the best ways to create an online persona for your brand, ensure that your internal values are reflected digitally and ultimately become a household name.
Closing RemarksDay 116:45 - 17:00Main Room
Chairperson summarises the event and invites everyone to join us at the open bar
Networking Drinks Day 117:00 - 18:00Foyer
Open bar!

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