8.50 - 9.00The Ballroom
Introduction to Forum: Chairperson welcomes attendees, and opens the event.
Optimizing the Marketing OrganizationJessica Clifton
09:00 - 09:30The Ballroom
Optimizing the customer experience has been the hottest topic amongst brand marketers over the last five years – but what’s next? Using automation to access and leverage first-party data, organize and distribute content at a rapid pace, and implementing analytics to apply learnings and optimization throughout the marketing cycle, marketers now (or soon will) have the machine of the future at the center of their organization. But with this new found efficiency, what’s next? It is predicted that by 2021, the CMO’s focus will move from automation to profitability. In this presentation, Jess will share perspective for marketers to optimize their organization, justify spends, continue to apply a combination of art and science and, ultimately, prepare for the pivot to demonstrated profitability.
Efficient Product Development through Partner Solutions Meysam Moradpour
09:30-10:00The Ballroom
Product Development usually follows common steps such as - Research - Competitive analysis - Gap analysis - Market sizing and readiness - Product Development - Go to Market launch This approach worked well in the past, given that the Fin-tech industry was developing incrementally vs hockey-stick growth today, where nothing seems safe from disrupting fin-techs around the globe. This is true for P2P, Digital Wallets, Lending, Virtual Issuing, Subscriptions, Bill Payments etc. Nowadays, large financial institutions need to implement a partner solution task force from the get go in order to stay competitive. A partner solution task force usually consists of business developers, solution engineers, UX specialists, and Project Managers that make sure that there isn't any requirements gap between the "Product Development" and "Go to Market Launch" stages. They make sure that the product isn't developed in a silo but constantly gather business requirements from key partners and add/develop critical custom solutions to the core SDK/API, to make sure adoption and scale is achieved. Mastercard has launched their own Partner Solution task force within their product development organization in 2017, and has seen great success afterwards. Meysam will talk about what it takes to launch such a task force in an established product org, what common mistakes to avoid and what steps are crucial for successful collaboration.
Using Data & Analytics to Drive GrowthJeff Hui
10:00 - 10:30The Ballroom
Webify Everything - How to Gain More Control Over Your Customer JourneyChris Schreiber
10:30-11:00The Ballroom
How can companies efficiently manage the myriad digital experiences across the customer journey? Part of the answer lies in reducing the fragmentation of offline and online communication. This spotlight will illustrate how businesses are building custom ‘Website Clouds’ to drive better business results, infuse more creativity into their web presence, and reduce the complexity of digital brand management. Real-life case studies include a global health and wellness retailer that automated the creation of tens of thousands of websites and a global hospitality leader that redesigned hundreds of websites for top performing hotels in record time.
Roundtable Surgery - Networking SessionDay 111:00 - 11:15The Ballroom
Coffee BreakDay 111:15 - 11:45The Foyer
Curatorial Algorithms & Where to Find Them Maura Tuohy
11:45 - 12:15The Ballroom
The over-hyped topic of AI often brings to mind robot concierges, fleets of self driving cars and- if we are being dramatic- the end of humanity. But the real dangers of AI lay not in some future dystopia but in the social platforms that made their way into our homes and hearts years ago. Maura explores Ethical AI in content moderation; presenting in progress research findings in participation with UC Hastings law school center for technology.
Panel Session: Building a Digital Customer Centric Strategy Matt Kinkaid
Steven Hein
Daniel Martinez
Ian Feder
12:15 - 13:00The Ballroom
Five digital maestros discuss how to build a successful and foolproof customer-centric digital strategy whilst highlighting and problem-solving the challenges of each.
A New Membership Model: More than Six Million StrongJason Fox
13:00 - 13:30The Ballroom
The growing availability of free review platforms and fierce competition have spurred Consumer Reports, an iconic nonprofit consumer organization, to evolve the ways in which it carries out its mission of promoting truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. In 2018, CR launched a tiered membership model to transform the relationship between the organization and the people it serves, from one based mainly on transaction to one based on affinity, helping to advance our mission, remain relevant, and fund the organization’s operations. The model features various options beginning with a basic free membership where consumers provide their email addresses, to premium access which includes a variety of paid benefits including personalized shopping concierge service and our award-winning media products. One year in, digital revenue is at record levels and member engagement is robust. In his presentation, Jason will share what’s worked, what’s showing promise, and what’s next as CR continues to build out and enhance the value proposition of membership.
LunchDay 113:30-14:30The Foyer
Millennials, Money, and the Active Pursuit of HappinessMarshall Butler
14:30-15:00The Ballroom
Expectations on digital delivery including some myths and fallacies.
Demystifying AI in the EnterpriseSanjay Srivastava
15:00 - 15:30The Ballroom
Customer-Centric Digital Transformation Michael Costigan
15:30 - 16:00The Ballroom
Coffee BreakDay 116:00 - 16:30The Foyer
Workshop Networking SessionDay 116:30-16:45The Ballroom
Panel Session - Recipe for Sustainable Online GrowthAmanda Sklad
Cindy Phan
Amy Bishop
16:45-17:30The Ballroom
Four digital maestros discuss what makes a successful and foolproof recipe of sustainable digital growth and problem-solve the challenges that one might face during the setup.
Closing remarksAmy Bishop
17:30-17:40The Ballroom
End of Forum: Chairperson closes the event
Open Bar Networking drinksDay 117:40-19:00The Foyer
Drink up and network responsibly...

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