OPENING REMARKS8.50 - 9.00The Ballroom
Introduction to Forum: Chairperson welcomes attendees, and opens the event.
Bringing Digitalization to Consumers on a global scale09:00 - 9.30The Ballroom
Mariano would explain the Telefonica approach to Digitalization of consumers: - Starting from our core connectivity, we have created global digital ecosystems centered around the consumer: Customer Care/Home/Car/Personal IoT. - We have transformed ourselves into a digital technology provider: Global Solutions, in-house technology, open-ecosystems, cognitive intelligence. - This entails key benefits to our own business enabling us to gain velocity and scale innovations.
Blockchain opportunities for e-commerce and classifieds.09:30 - 10:00The Ballroom
A rapid overview of how this new technology can help e-commerce and classifieds achieve more and deliver value to users.
How can artificial intelligence accelerate audience influence and engagement.10:00 - 10.30The Ballroom
LeadSpotting , an open source intelligence company, has combined data collection and analysis technologies along with psychological models into a unique offering that will disrupt marketers work by providing them with unmatched insights on past influence success on their target audience allowing them to optimize their influence and engagement activities.
Roundtable Surgery10.30 - 10.45The Ballroom
In this session, the 'patient' will share he/her biggest pain experiencing at work. 'table surgeons', aka the rest of the table, will diagnose the problem and treat the issue.
COFFEE BREAK 10.45 - 11.15The Foyer
On The Shelf: Making Ownership Matter In A Subscription World 11.15 - 11.45The Ballroom
Consumers no longer collect, complete and own. They subscribe, stream, binge and borrow – whether its music or movies, transport or TV, books or beds, homes or handbags …renting is replacing owning as our primary consumption behaviour. Generation rent is the future – and the rental model seems perfect for a world that values flexibility, fluidity and freedom. But owning what you love matters – and that applies to the virtual world as much as the physical one. How can digital products and services satisfy the need to collect, curate and store? How can we solve gifting and sharing in cyberspace? How can we sustain fandoms and collector behaviour online as well as offline? 20th Century Fox have made it their mission to drive the digital entertainment market and share insights into making digital ownership relevant and valuable for consumers.
Panel session: Recipe For Sustainable Online Growth11.45 - 12.30The Ballroom
Four digital maestros discuss what makes a successful and foolproof recipe of sustainable digital growth and problem-solve the challenges that one might face during the setup. Cyrus Saihan - Head of Digital Partnerships, BBC Inés Ures - CMO, Treatwell Oliver Lewis - Director Digital Strategy & Partnerships, News UK Rekha Mehr MBE - Head of UK, Giant Innovation
The DNA of Delighting: How To Create A Customer-First Culture To Lead In A Time of Change12.30 - 01.00The Ballroom
The ubiquity and impact of digital technology are rapidly accelerating. From brain-computer interfaces to driverless transport, AI to the blockchain, robotic agriculture to hypersonic travel, technological developments not only promise to enrich lives in ways we are only beginning to imagine, but potentially help contend with some of our greatest challenges as a species. They also create immense opportunities and challenges for businesses. Whilst pundits may pontificate on ‘what they saw coming’ with the benefit of hindsight, most boards, managers and experts alike find it difficult to predict technological developments, how they will scale and profoundly challenge existing business models. There is a proliferation in the number of touchpoints to reach customers, rapid shifts in customers’ behaviour, expectations and tolerance around how they discover, engage, purchase, use and re-purchase and indeed, competition from many a nimble competitor. How should businesses navigate such a landscape? How can one set the right strategy and make the correct long-term bets in a repeatable manner? How do you create the right culture to sustain this? How do you energize and enable the talent in your business? Based on his experiences as a GM of a rapidly growing technology business as well as previous roles across product management and advising investors and boards, Gaurav will present his views on how businesses need to make delighting customers their raison d'être and build a customer-first culture to lead in an environment of routine disruption. He will discuss learnings and implications of such an approach on overall strategy, product and service design, how to harness new technologies to accelerate impact, empowering innovation across the organisation and using this as a lever to attract, develop and retain the best talent.
Lunch1.00 - 2.00The Foyer
Original Video Production and Marketing for Social2.00 - 2.30The Ballroom
Taking the audience through each step of the Original Video Content Production and Marketing process for social in order to inspire and offer tips and tricks and how to stand out! Using various case studies from some of the top brands we’ve worked with to produce some award winning Branded Content.
Building an in-house accelerator on a shoe string2.30 - 3.00The Ballroom
Action for Children knows it needs to adapt to continue to support the UK's children and families. But without big budgets or teams, we've had to be resourceful and scrappy to create and evolve and in-house accelerator that allows us to develop and find digital services that provide what our beneficiaries need.
Panel Session - Building Customer Centric Digital Strategy3.00 - 3.45The Ballroom
Four digital maestros discuss how to build a successful and foolproof customer-centric digital strategy whilst highlighting and problem-solving the challenges of each. Bianca Best - Global Managing Director, Blink (Emerging Technology) & Strategic Partnerships, Mediacom Rekha Mehr MBE - Head of UK, Giant Innovation Alex Powell, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Adobe Kim Thorton, Head of Digital, UK & ROW, PageGroup
COFFEE BREAK3.45 - 4.15The Foyer
Experimenting in an open banking world4.15 - 4.45The Ballroom
Open banking has created opportunities for Barclays and it’s millions of customers and businesses in ways which were impossible earlier. Taking advantage of these opportunities needs new ways of experimenting with ideas. At Barclays we are using an innovative experimenting process to bring all players together and combine decades of expertise with the freshness of a newcomer. Through this talk, I will share how the API business within Barclays is approaching this exciting challenge with a powerful vision.
Partnerships, Building and Buying How to make quantum leaps in your tech capability4.45 - 5.15The Ballroom
Jonathan will discuss how technology procurement, development and integration can be used to create propositions, as well as reduce reliance on legacy components whilst achieving business value and not exponentially increasing costs. He will explore the advantages of the options available in the marketplace and tactics to employ to make them work for your business.
Closing remarks5.15 - 5:20The Ballroom
End of Forum: Chairperson closes the event
Open Bar Networking drinks5:20 - 07:30The Foyer
Drink up and network responsibly...

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