Websites are like anything else. They have their fads and their fashions. But with websites, design is always inspired by functionality.

Think about all those boxes and grids that are everywhere…

The need for websites to work properly on mobile devices has led to a modular design. Websites are now, more than ever, built in blocks. But mobile has had other influences too and one of them is the trend for big typefaces.

It’s impactful. We use the trend in our new site for life sciences company Taragenyx. It is eye catching – and there is no doubt about the message they want to get across. More than anything, it just feels right at this moment to have outsized text on a website.

The result across all kinds of devices (desktop and mobile) is really striking. Especially in the slab-style font we opted for Taragenyx – but other fonts, other styles, are available. On a smartphone, it simply makes the headlines obvious and easy to read. On a desktop – the bigger screen the better – it packs a wow factor. Like having an online billboard.

Typography isn’t the end of the matter though. If you are going to use big text, think about using a lot of white space as well. Not only does it allow your content to stand out, to breathe. It is also highly evocative of luxury, clear thinking, unhurried professionalism – and style. Look at any luxury brand. See how much space its designers give it? Why not give your own brand that sort of space too?

One final tip. Do you really need that massive menu? On the Taragenyx site we used a ‘hamburger’ icon to call up a full page menu which we limited to just six items. Moving other links to the footer or elsewhere. This keeps the site straightforward and easy on the eye. Users as a result find it simple to navigate – and easy to read.


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