Opening Remarks Ian Cameron
8:50 - 9:00Main Room
Six Steps to Building Out Your Email Newsletter ProgramMichael Liss
9:00 - 9:30Main Room
Google has identified newsletters as the most valuable traffic source for publishers, but many organizations don't have the resources to dedicate solely to email. Learn six steps to evolve your newsletter strategy, even with a small team.
Data Storytelling in the Digital AgeKim Castro
9:30 - 10:00 Main Room
In a world that’s all too often influenced by a 280-character tweet, consumers are yearning for a trusted source to help them understand their complex world. For U.S. News this comes down to two key elements- the highest quality journalism and the best possible data. Learn more about how we leverage data in everything we do to ensure we are meeting the needs of our consumers and how that strategy has helped to grow our business and diversify our revenue streams.
The Power of PartnershipsJustin Hergianto
10:00 - 10:30 Main Room
Coffee Break Day 110:30 - 10:50The Foyer
Telling Better Stories Across the Open WebAdam Greenberg
10:50 - 11:20Main Room
Content consumption on mobile is changing, with engaging, fullscreen storytelling formats becoming increasingly popular. While the web has the capabilities to support the creation of this type of content, the technical investment can be challenging. AMP stories enables the creation of visual content that is fast, open, and user-first in a way that is simple. Now, these stories can be monetized with ads like your existing web properties. In this session, you’ll learn why publishers like CNN, Washington Post, and BBC are publishing AMP stories across the web.
Human BingoDay 111:20 - 11:40Main Room
PANEL SESSION: Women in Digital-PublishingElizabeth Webbe Lunny
Ashley Codianni
Bridget Moore
11:40 - 12.30Main Room
LunchDay 112.30 - 1:15The Foyer
Best Practices - Digital Platforms to Engage New AudiencesBrandon Arolfo
1:15 - 1:45Main Room
Come hear Head of PBS Digital Studios Brandon Arolfo share best practices that he has learned by embracing digital platforms to engage new audiences. He will explain why PBS has leaned into multiplatform approaches to content, marketing and distribution and how PBS is redefining the measures of success. Brandon will share the multiplatform campaign for Summer of Space as well as lessons learned for creating and promoting content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Learn how to build partnerships with other content creators within and outside of your organization as a way to access new audiences. Brandon will follow up with concrete examples from the groundbreaking work being done at PBS Digital Studios.
Living in Color: Carving Out Safe Spaces For CommunityDanielle Cadet
1:45 - 2:15Main Room
For nearly the last two decades, social media has been a powerful platform that has enabled experiences to be shared and marginalized voices to thrive. But behind the safety of anonymity, those spaces have not always been inclusive, interactive or safe. Hear from Refinery29’s Unbothered Managing Editor Danielle Cadet on the power of building and nurturing much-needed safe online spaces and why you should extend those spaces offline to strengthen your tribe.
Group Surgery: Stop & Strategise Day 12:15 - 2:30Main Room
Panel Session: Keen to StreamDay 12:30 - 3:15The Foyer
Coffee BreakDay 13:15 - 3:50The Foyer
Fireside Chat: No Cookies, No ProblemSara Badler
3:50 - 4:20 Main Room
It's time to accept that the death of the third-party cookie is real. And its demise has already disrupted how digital advertising -- and programmatic in particular -- is transacted. So how will the industry innovate and adapt now that the primary tool for targeting and measurement fades away? Sara Badler, SVP of Programmatic at Dotdash, offers fresh insight and practical guidance on developing complementary approaches to data collection, measurement and targeting for anyone seeking to monetize media and market effectively in a post-cookie world.
Testing New Revenue StreamsStefanie Rapp
4:20 - 4:50Main Room
In an industry rife with competition and rapidly changing consumer behaviors it is essential to iterate and execute in real-time. Stefanie Rapp, SVP Revenue & Strategy of Bleacher Report, the #1 sports media brand for 200 million Millennial and Gen Z sports fans, will discuss how data, analytics, ecommerce, experiential events and an evolving content portfolio and piloting program help inform strategy and build new revenue channels.
Closing Remarks Ian Cameron
4:50 - 5:00Main Room
Networking DrinksDay 15:00 - 6:00Main Room

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