OPENING REMARKS & Morning MixerIan Cameron (Chairperson)
9:10 - 9:30Main Room
Why your brand should be thinking like a Hollywood producerTerry City
09:30 - 10:00Main Room
Mobile video continues to skyrocket and eyes aren't watching television commercials. To stay relevant in today's media landscape, brands need to start thinking like content producers and lean into branded entertainment in order to extend their brand's messaging and reach to position themselves as true entertainers.
Cracking the content code: Guidelines for maximising content marketing ROIChris Shedd
10:00 - 10:30Main Room
Content allows advertisers to cut through the noise by focusing on their audience rather than on themselves. However, content marketing programmes, done properly, can be a heavy lift, requiring time, money and resources to manage, all while marketers face increasing pressure to show the ROI of their efforts. With this in mind, and as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the delivery of ROI for our clients, The Economist Group analysed the performance of our content marketing programmes over 12 months to understand how to drive the best content marketing programme performance.
The Podcast Boom: Why We’re Listening More Than EverBrian Berner
10:30 - 11:00Main Room
Podcasts have reached an undeniable tipping point in 2019: For the first time ever, more than half of all Americans say they’ve listened to one. On Spotify, we’ve seen this podcast boom too, with a 250% increase in consumption hours over the past year. In this session, Spotify’s Head of N.A. Advertising Sales, Brian Berner, will break down what’s fueling this golden age of podcasts. He’ll explain why audio is such a unique and vibrant medium for consumers and creators — and why marketers should take advantage.
Coffee Break Day 111:00 - 11:20The Foyer
New Digital Publishing Business ModelsJulie Smolyanksy
11:20 - 11:50Main Room
Human Bingo Networking SessionDay 111:50 - 12:10Main Room
PANEL SESSION - Emerging trends in the digital ecosystemDay 112:10 - 12:50Main Room
This topic would allow us to cover a lot of topics in the publishing industry, for example, personalization and refocusing on content.
LunchDay 112:50 - 1:40THE FOYER
Building a SaaS business within a media companyKatrina Barlow
1:40 - 2:10Main Room
Broadcasting in media: In ConversationNzinga Blake
2:10 - 2:40Main Room
Innovating in editorial contentElla Mielniczenko
2.40 - 3.10Main Room
Coffee BreakDay 13.10 - 3.30The Foyer
PANEL SESSION - Curating Content & Strategising in a Competitive Market Dileep Thazhmon
Geena Hong
Nathan McGowan
3:30 - 4:15Main Room
Workshop networking sessionDay 14:15 - 4:30Main Room
Optimizing new revenue streams without advertisingDay 14:30 - 5:00Main Room
The impact of social media, YouTube and social influencers on company websitesDavid Wigder
5.00 - 5.30Main Room
CLOSING REMARKSDay 15:30 - 5:40Main Room

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