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Tending to a Brand's Most Vital Organ: Its Heart 08:30 - 09:00The Grand Hall
As audiences have become savvier and less tolerant of commercials masquerading as social media posts, it can be a challenge to create a piece of content that is both branded AND shareable. In this presentation, Jordan Zaslow, the Executive Producer of Branded Content at LittleThings, will provide insight into how LittleThings tells a brand's story and has become one of the industry's leading partners for advertisers.
How to make a global operation feel local09:00 - 09:30The Grand Hall
Global expansion is a huge opportunity for any media company, but the search for new audience and new stories can quickly run into problems as a brand gets diluted or otherwise mistranslated around the world. With operations in more than 35 countries and counting, VICE has experienced a multitude of challenges and opportunities around the globe as it's expanded outward. Derek Mead, VICE's executive editor for global operations, will talk through these learnings with a focus on precisely how valuable it is to go global at a time when digital media faces industry-wide contraction.
Riding The OTT Wave: How A Leading News Provider Is Attracting New Audiences09:30 - 10:00The Grand Hall
As OTT services and the cord-cutting audience continue to grow, ABC News has capitalized by producing new original content and personalizing its products to deliver the news OTT audiences want. Hear from Colby Smith, ABC News Digital VP, on what it means to create a great OTT service, and how to produce broadcast-quality content for a younger audience turning away from traditional television.
Language Matters: Leveraging global dictionary content on digital platforms10:00 - 10:30The Grand Hall
Oxford University Press, a non-profit department of the University of Oxford, the largest academic publisher in the world, and the publisher of the famous Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the longest running language research project in the world, is on a ten year mission to digitize 100 of the world’s most spoken, yet least digitally preserved languages . This Oxford University funded mission will create new revenue streams by powering an API ecosystem of digitally under-represented languages, enabling more platforms and technologies to speak more languages and empower more cultures and communities to educate and innovate across the digital divide.
Roundtable Surgery10:30 - 10:45The Grand Hall
Coffee Break10:45 - 11:15The Foyer
Subscription Paywalls: Owning Your Audience Is The New Black11:15 - 11:45The Grand Hall
News and magazine brands were once the primary tastemakers for what was cool and the gatekeepers to timely information. The brands that people displayed on their coffee table represented a signal about their interests, intellectual curiosity and social status. And yet, publishers gave away that status to Facebook and Google in exchange for clicks, page views and quarterly boosts to offset the decline of traditional print revenue. In 2018, we have already seen how relying solely on audience platforms is no longer a sustainable business model. In this session, Shouvik Paul, CRO at MAZ, will cover how the best publishers are testing paywalls to build predictable revenue and a new era where owning your audience is the best path forward to profitability.
Panel Sessions - Connecting with Tomorrow's Audience11:45 - 12:30 The Grand Hall
(MODERATOR) Dr Paul Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy & Innovation @Infosys; Jason Fox, VP & Chief Digital Officer @Consumer Reports; Anjanette Delgado, Digital Director & Head of Audience @USA Today; Matt Little, Head of Ops @Man Repeller; Ally Millar, Sr Director, Partnerships @Hearst Digital Media; Sarah Gallagher, Head of Publisher Partnerships @Flipboard
Becoming More Multi-platform In A Global World12:30 - 01:00The Grand Hall
How to harness social platforms globally; Products; Content Strategy & Planning
Lunch01:00 - 02:00The Foyer
Breaking Through The Noise: The Science Of Storytelling02:00 - 02:30The Grand Hall
The challenge is clear: intrusive, interruptive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did, and its effectiveness will only continue to diminish in the social age. Together we’ll explore how Time Inc. and it’s content studio, The Foundry is reimagining its business to reflect the reality of this tectonic shift. Specifically, we’ll dive into the human reaction to stories told authentically by brands they trust in environments they naturally consume in — and why this strategy tends to work for today’s marketers.
Making Social Video Win For You02:30 - 03:00The Grand Hall
In today’s age of shortened attention spans, video is the ultimate way for storytellers to reach an audience dividing time between multiple platforms and devices. Video expert Jay Chicoy will show attendees the success media brands are experiencing publishing videos across social media outlets - covering topics ranging from word usage to ideal lengths to video formats. Sharing insights from Wochit’s annual Social Video Performance Report of more than 33,000 videos published by 300+ publishers across 500+ FB pages, Jay will leave attendees with a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving landscape and which elements will help a video succeed.
How Big Media & Their Digital Investments Work Together03:00 - 03:30The Grand Hall
Adam Jaffe, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development at Turner, has worked on operationalizing Turner’s investments in digital media companies, including Mashable, Refinery29 and Above Average. In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss how traditional media companies like Turner work with their digital investments, what they look for when they invest or partner with digital media companies, and how Turner leverages its owned upstarts like Super Deluxe and Great Big Story.
Coffee Break03:30 - 04:00The Foyer
Panel Session - The Future of your revenue04:00 - 05:00The Grand Hall
Tory Brangham, VP, Commerce @Dotdash; Mark Cripps, EVP, Brand & Digital Marketing @The Economist; Nicole Goksel, Sr Director, Digital Revenue Ops @Tribune Media Company; Chris Muller, Sr Director, Audience Development & Editorial Initiatives @Taboola
The Best Stories Aren’t In New York: Amplifying Local Journalism05:00 - 05:30The Grand Hall
It's been a banner era for political news coverage. While much attention is on the political process, people across America are living the effects of policy. Local news outlets are busy telling those stories; local journalists are reporting on the same communities in which they live and work every day. How do we amplify their voices? Owning television stations across the US in mostly non-coastal media markets, Hearst Television has a unique view into the American conversation. How is the Hearst TV Digital Content team telling national stories with local voices?
Networking Drinks06:00 - 07:30The Foyer
A Legacy Media Publisher Prepares for its Digital Future08:30 - 09:00The Grand Hall
Preparing a traditional media company for a digital future requires designing and implementing strategies which leverage a large and growing digital audience. These are the ways that Fox has leveraged its massive digital network to develop a revenue-driving business which serves to derive audience insights, deepen audience relationships, introduce fans to new IP, and distribute short-form content with a new generation of consumers in mind.
Pivoting to “Readercentricity” - Analytics in Book Publishing09:00 - 09:30The Grand Hall
Book publishing’s pivot from from B2B to Readercentricity is transforming the way books are acquired, published, and marketed, and Random House has led the charge. From a standing start several years ago, they now provide responsive, end-to-end analytics and reporting solutions for 400+ authors, titles, and brands each year. Max Minckler, Director of Insights & Analytics at Random House, will share best practices and pitfalls for any organization interested in expanding its analytics capabilities, building stakeholder trust in data, and fostering a data-driven company culture. Attendees will learn the strategy and technology involved in building lean analytics teams with big business impact—even within organizations resistant to that impact—across audience development, consumer insights, campaign analytics, and social media listening functions.
Rewriting the Story: Lessons from failing forward09:30 - 10:00The Grand Hall
In a world where content is king, and everyone is a creator, how does an established content company innovate? This keynote will explore the value of trial and error informed by good data. With the democratization of technology, social media and traditional media, today,’ business as usual’ is not enough. While the craft of storytelling doesn’t change, sometimes our mindsets have to.
A customer-centric approach to Partnerships & Distribution10:00 - 10:30The Grand Hall
CNBC’s record-breaking digital growth story is rooted in its smart analysis and explanations of what’s happening in the business world and its pursuit in being the leader in coverage of all things money. That means taking its stories and video to new audiences in an approach that views its partners as customers. Senior Director, of Audience Growth & Partnerships Seth Harris will provide an overview of how CNBC has shifted its partner-relationship mindset to help drive CNBC’s digital records and be the business news supplier of choice.
Coffee break 10:30 - 11:00The Foyer
Biting Into Best Practices for Food Publications on Instagram11:00 - 11:30The Grand Hall
Panel Session - Deepening Reach and Engagement through Email Products11:30 - 12:15The Grand Hall
Michael Liss, Sr Director, Product & Project Management @New York Post; Annemarrie Dooling, Newsletter Growth Producer @Vox Media; Dan Oshinsky, Director, Newsletter @The New Yorker; Elisabeth Goodridge, Editor, Newsletter @The New York Times
Thriving VS. Surviving: Distribution & Monetization at Scale12:15 - 12:45The Grand Hall
Cross-platform content distribution and revenue diversity are no longer abstract concepts. In fact, they are the difference between survival, success, and surrender. Insider, Inc. – home to global brands Business Insider and INSIDER – is a pioneer in creating stories people love, and ensuring that content gets traction, on whatever platform (and it’s not just Facebook anymore.)
Lunch12:45 - 01:45The Foyer
Transformation: Becoming Product-Driven01:45 - 02:15The Grand Hall
As companies begin to realize the limitations of the traditional project-driven approach to technology, the question becomes: how can we be better? The answer: Become product-driven. While simple in concept, many companies have failed to truly make the change. Hear how Forbes has tackled this challenge.
Beyond The Buzz: Impactful Data Science And Machine Learning At Buzzfeed02:15 - 02:45The Grand Hall
Over the past few years BuzzFeed has become the largest digital media network in the world, operating globally across multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram in addition to its’ own website and multiple apps. While the network is fueled by content generated from hundreds of creators around the world, it is powered by a world class technology and infrastructure team that supports massive data ingestion, analysis, and productization. In this talk we’ll discuss how data science, machine learning and neural networks are used across the company to power decisions, analyze audiences, run forecasts, and build impactful tools.
Roundtable Surgery02:45 - 03:00The Grand Hall
Coffee Break03:00 - 03:30The Foyer
Where Else To Look For Audience & Revenue03:30 - 04:00The Grand Hall
In this session we’ll look beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to other potential sources of traffic and revenue such as WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Smartnews and Flipboard. We’ll talk about building diversified audience strategies, evaluating new opportunities and pulling the plug on things that just aren’t working.
Panel Session - Current State of Digital Publishing & Its Challenges in Business04:00 - 05:00The Grand Hall
Elizabeth Brady, Director Audience Engagement @People Mag; Brian Kroski, Chief Digital Officer @American Media; Garrett Bewkes, Publisher @National Review; Linda Li, Director, Global Strategy & Development @The New York Times
Designing for Emerging Technologies05:00 - 05:30The Grand Hall
There’s a lot of innovation happening today–from new devices and platforms to conversational UI. In the midst of this innovation, we’re seeing a shift in focus from installs to engagement. How can you leverage emerging technology to engage with your current customers and attract new ones? Hear from Lisa Martinez Gilpin on expanding your business and reaching new customers while staying true to your brand.

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