Nick Allen

Nick Allen

Global Director, Design & User Experience, GE Healthcare

Nick began his career in 2005 as the founder and CEO of a network appliance startup company based out of Illinois Institute of Technology’s incubator program. He was a Lean/Design Thinking Leader @ GE Healthcare from 2008-2012. Most recently, he served as the Director of Technology for GE Healthcare’s US Service division from 2012-15, and currently leads Design and User Experience for GE Healthcare’s $6B/yr Global Service business.

Nick has over 15 years of Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Design Thinking experience, learning from Industry giants such as Steve Wozniak (Apple), Doug Dietz (GE’s Menlo), Sensei Chihiro Nakao (founder of ShingiJutsu), and teachings from IDEO and Stanford D-School. Nick has shared his design journey and teachings with Fortune 500 companies and thousands of designers as he speaks and performs workshops at many of the annual CX, DX, UX, and Medical Device conferences.

Nick is a collector and restorer of Vintage Computers (Apple1, Xerox Alto, etc), some of his works are in the Deutsches Museum, Xerox Museum, MOMA and the Computer Museum of America. Nick is the founder of, which is bringing world-class education to K-12 students in remote schools in Haiti. Nick loves spending time going on dates with his wife Becki, having family weekends with his 3 kids, and building new creations in his home laboratory (current project is a nuclear fusor).

“The Design process, like our solutions, should be beautiful, simple and intuitive. The solution should be less about the shiny object, and more about how it helps us create the perfect day for our customers.” –Nick Allen