Chair Opening Remarks Day 108:50 - 09:00The Auditorium
The Customer Experience ConundrumVishal Chawla
09:00 - 09:30The Auditorium
Organizations are now focusing on customer experience (CX) by investing in Voice of the Customer (VOC) enterprise feedback management software (EFM) platform. However, C- suite executives have not seen the return on their investment or impact on CX. Technology will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and be a pervasive force at the center of CX transformations. However, the big opportunity for organizations is to integrate holistically across 1) CX vision, 2) Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform, 3) Analytics, 4) Employee Experience (EX) and 5) Innovation. In this talk, Vishal will explore how this evolution in CX will play out.
Exceptional Customer-Led Service DesignLorna Ash
09:30 - 10:00The Auditorium
How to Succeed When 90% of Digital Transformations FailNick Allen
10:00 - 10:30 The Auditorium
When 90 percent of digital transformations fail, budgets get cut, and priorities continue to change, learn how falling in love with customers will fuel your team to become relentless customer champions in the midst of constant business challenges. Inspire your team to become the change they wish to see, as Nick shares his journey to Haiti, where he helped bring world-class technology and education to a small town with no electricity or Internet. See how GE has ignited a grassroots army of customer warriors, delivering numerous award-winning solutions: all co-designed with their customers.
Coffee Break Day 110:30 - 11.00The Foyer
Narrative-Based Innovation: Develop More Meaningful Customer Experiences, Faster.Justin Daab
11:00 - 11:30The Auditorium
Justin's engaging session will cover how to embrace your customers as heroes in their journey and enhance the development process by telling their stories in greater detail. This narrative-based process improves idea generation, accelerates prototyping and design, improves internal alignment, and delivers more engaging and innovative experiences and higher conversions.
Human BingoDay 111:30 - 11:50The Auditorium
Panel Session: Knowing Your Customer in a Rapidly Changing WorldDay 111:50 - 12:30The Auditorium
A conversation on gauging the latest consumer trends, expectations & behaviours to provide meaningful experiences across a variety of platforms. This session will explore how nowadays, knowing your customer ranges from analysing UX to understanding evolving societal values.
Lunch BreakDay 112:30 - 13:15The Foyer
Desiging Culture to Drive Customer Experience Felicia Joy
Elena Grotto
13:15 - 13:45The Auditorium
Employees who live the brand lead to customers who love the brand; successful customer experiences are linked to engaging employee experiences. In this session, we will show you how to leverage behavioral science to design a culture at your company that ultimately enhances your customer experience. Among investors, 8 in 10 cite “trust in the company” as the top driver of investment decisions and 95% of investors say maintaining healthy company culture has an impact on trust For customers, building trust internally leads to higher trust in the external brand with78% believing that a company’s treatment of its employees is one of the best indicators of its level of trustworthiness For employees, nearly 3 in 4 expect their employer to have an inclusive, values-driven culture and they refuse to work at companies that do not—or they require premium pay from organizations with questionable culture However, even with strong data on the impact of strong workplace culture, clients expect the process to get there to also be data-driven. Afterall, culture transformation clients are the same who oversee programs with established and strong metrics – this includes CMOs who are accustom to managing performance analytics, CHROs who watch their retention and attraction statistics carefully and CCOs who are tuned into the ROI on reach, impact and net promoter scores. To ensure culture change is conducted with the same rigor, Edelman merges the strategy of culture-to-business alignment with the science of human decision making and behavior. In this session, culture lead, Elena Grotto and behavioral scientist, Felicia Joy discuss how to use a scientific approach to redesign, redeploy and measure culture change.
Charting a Course to Intelligent Customer Experiences with AIGib Bassett
13:45 - 14:15 The Auditorium
Brands recognized for effective customer experiences are known for their data driven cultures and analytic sophistication. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the latest buzzword (remember Big Data?) that has many companies scrambling to take advantage of new analytic approaches like AI to improve customer experience. Mastering the right balance among technology, organizational and strategic considerations isn’t easy amid short term pressures to perform and the silos characteristic of so many businesses. This session will set you on the right path to leveraging AI to deliver more seamless and profitable customer experiences.
Group Business Surgery Day 114:15 - 14:30The Auditorium
Panel Session: Optimizing CX in the Age of New TechDay 114:30 - 15:10The Auditorium
A session discussing how to provide a human touch in a time of technological ubiquity and how to leverage this tech for a more comprehensive customer experience. 
Coffee BreakDay 115:10 - 15:20The Foyer
Strategies for Optimal Customer RetentionJoel Shinners
15:20 - 15:50The Auditorium
Product Management and CX Approaches: Friends or Foes?Zachary Jean Paradis
15:50 - 16:20The Auditorium
As every discipline evolves their practice, and gets better at creating customer value, contemporary organizations are being caught between potentially conflicting approaches. CX approaches like experience strategy and service design, as well as modern product management, and lean startup-like new offering innovation processes all purport to be a path to drive customer-centered, business-driving results! Yet, there seems to be little to zero understanding of how these fit together, or if they are in direct conflict. This presentation will propose roles for, and a model to drive clarity in how potentially conflicting approaches are actually complementary, specifically in the context of everyone’s favorite topic du jour, digital business transformation.
Closing remarksDay 116:20 - 16:30The Auditorium
Networking DrinksDay 116:30 - 17:30The Foyer

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