About Us

Who we are...

Here at World Forum Disrupt, we are focused on creating a global platform that enables professionals to develop their knowledge, and grow their careers.

How we do that…

International Events

From those working behind the scenes, from building Amazon’s innovation lab, developing HSBC’s digital transformation strategy, and growing Deliveroo’s north star metric, the world’s leading executives bring their incredible stories, and experiences to our events!

Through our international events, we focus on providing an opportunity for our attendees to take away actionable tactics, discuss their own challenges, develop the conversations, and succeed through shared stories and experiences.

WFD TV (Coming Soon)

WFD TV is a platform of free knowledge from the world’s leading professionals. We are busy building our on-demand channel, which will provide you with access to the top-rated talks from all of our events! WFD TV will go live on January 1, 2019!